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11 Fun Food Holidays to Consider for Hotel F&B Marketing

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For many hotels, a holiday doesn’t have to make it onto the official calendar to call for some celebratory marketing. There’s National Margarita Day, National Hotdog Day, National Pancake Day – the list goes on. Check out 11 food holidays being celebrated through hotel F&B marketing.

1. National Pancake Day At The Four Seasons Las Vegas

While guests might not expect to be served pancakes at an Italian restaurant, the Four Seasons Las Vegas’ Verandah dishes up a thoroughly American-style breakfast for National Pancake Day. Buttermilk pancakes are, of course, on the menu, but so are “earth-shattering” citrus ricotta pancakes.

Food Holidays - pancakes

2. Chocolate Lovers Day At Kimpton Hotels

Kimpton Hotels all across America celebrated Chocolate Lovers Day by offering complimentary chocolates to accompany their lobbies’ wine hours. At Hotel Monaco Alexandria, chocolatinis were served with mini chocolate-pecan pies, while Hotel Allegro served handmade chocolate marshmallows and chocolate-substitute biscuits for pets.

food holidays - chocolate lovers

3. National Hot Dog Month at The Four Seasons Chicago

The Four Seasons Chicago went all-out to celebrate National Hot Dog Month in July, 2011, serving all-beef frankfurters on poppy-seed buns. To top it all off, they added house-made relish, mustard, pickles, and celery salt. And let’s not forget the local Goose Island Summer Time Ale.

food holidays - hot dog day

4. National Ice Cream Sandwich Day at The American Club Resort

Wisconsin’s American Club Resort served chocolate chip ice cream sandwiches for $3 to celebrate National Ice Cream Sandwich Day in August 2013. On top of the great ice cream served, the promotion was a great way to beat the summer heat.

food holidays - ice cream sandwich

5. National Waffle Day At Choice Hotels International

Choice Hotels International held a breakfast survey to celebrate National Waffle Day and found two thirds of their guests really enjoy waffles – blueberry being the top crowd pleaser, followed by multigrain. In 2011, the franchise served guests roughly 25 million waffles.

food holidays - waffles

6. National Pecan Pie Day at The Jekyll Island Club Hotel

Georgia’s Jekyll Island Club Hotel celebrated National Pecan Pie Day last year by releasing their kitchen’s pecan pie recipe. That way, the hotel explained on its blog, guests could enjoy the delicacy year round.

food holidays - pecan pie

7. National Margarita Day At The Margaritaville Beach Hotel

As you’d expect, National Margarita Day is a pretty big deal at Pensacola’s Margaritaville Beach Hotel. To celebrate last year, the hotel threw a margarita recipe contest and gave gift certificates to anyone with a National Margarita Day birthday.

food holidays - margarias

8. National Strawberry Shortcake Day at The Brown Hotel

Sixty percent of Americans voted to make strawberry shortcake the dessert of the summer. To honor the request, Kentucky’s Brown Hotel celebrated National Strawberry Shortcake Day with berry shooters, cookies, and martinis, releasing the coveted recipes online. Head chef Laurent Géroli also made TV appearances to promote the event.

food holidays - strawberry short ca

9. National Absinthe Day at The Chateau Victoria Hotel And Suites

British Columbia’s Chateau Victoria Hotel and Suites ran into a dilemma when deciding when to celebrate National Absinthe Day. In the US, the holiday is on March 5th, but in Europe they celebrate on the first. Not to be outdone, the hotel turned the holiday into a five-day event.

food holidays - absinthe

10. National Escargot Day at The Four Caesars Entertainment Atlantic City Hotels

To celebrate National Escargot Day, the four Caesars Entertainment Hotels in Atlantic City, each of the hotels’ restaurants cooked up something special. Delicacies included escargot with forest mushrooms, roasted onion and escargot soup, and escargot ravioli.

food holidays - escargot

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