Restaurant Makeovers and the Beanstalk: New Designs Grow Business

restaurant makeovers are so hip that The Food Network actually chronicles restaurant makeovers on prime time television. The moral to the story is clear: when an eatery hits a plateau, restaurant makeovers can be like the magic bean that grew Jack’s infamous stalk. Let’s face it, sometimes menu renovations are not enough; sometimes you need a complete overhaul.

Benefits of restaurant makeovers

restaurant makeovers offer you an opportunity to become new again in the minds of customers. restaurant makeovers allow you to reconsider the traffic flow of the restaurant for greater efficiency. restaurant makeovers could even allow you to make better use of your square footage so you can squeeze more guests into your makeovers

restaurant makeovers can be large or small. Perhaps you found a unique opportunity to take up residence in an historic building on high-trafficked Main Street and need to transform the antiquated interior into a chic eatery. Or maybe you have a much simpler restaurant renovation in mind, like giving the restrooms a facelift or building an exhibition kitchen in the dining area. Creative restaurant renovation possibilities are endless.

Emergency restaurant makeovers

In the wake of a natural disaster like hurricanes, tornadoes, fires and floods, restaurant makeovers are sometimes unavoidable. However, forward-thinking restaurant owners view the setback as an opportunity. That is exactly what Señor Frog’s did when Hurricane Wilma destroyed most of its restaurants literally overnight. Restaurant renovation was not an option, so the owner made the best of a bad situation with creative restaurant design ideas that re-introduced the brand in a fresh way.

Señor Frog’s restaurant renovation took the opportunity to rebuild and rebrand at the same time. Señor Frog’s has a simple philosophy that directs its employees, its menu, and its restaurant interior design: have fun. While undergoing a restaurant renovation is nowhere near as fun as relaxing on the beach, which is what most of Señor Frog’s guests like to do, the outcome offered an experience for the playful at heart. Indeed, Señor Frog’s restaurant renovation communicates a carefree feeling to its guests and encourages that sense of playfulness that characterizes its mascot, a skinny, green frog that dresses in blue jeans and sandals.

The restaurant renovation incorporated fun concepts like miniature putt-putt golf with a $100 bar tab prize, inner tubes on the ceiling, and a hot tub smack dab in the middle of the restaurant. The restaurant renovation even made way for a slide that dumps guests into the lagoon outside the store. Señor Frog’s restaurant renovation was no vacation, but the end result draws more vacationers than ever before to this hip eatery.

Interior Designers Aid restaurant makeovers

Whether you are merely renovating a kitchen or are taking the plunge with a complete restaurant renovation, relying on restaurant interior design experts can save you time and money. As with any building renovation, there are always surprises along the way. Experienced restaurant designers have the foresight to plan for the challenges and serve up a restaurant renovation that reinvigorates the brand name.


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