Menu Design Ideas: Personalized Menus for Guests

Imagine if you could print personalized menus for guests. It would be special, personal, and generate major “wow” factor. Why not do it?

Menu Design Ideas Personalized Menus
Menu Design Ideas Personalized Menus

Personalized Newspapers

On a recent trip to Thailand I was asked at hotel check-in which paper I would like to receive daily. I had wondered how the hotel was able to get a daily newspaper from the United Kingdom to my room each morning on an island on the Andaman Sea, but then when the first one arrived I was even more perplexed wondering how they were able to also get my name on each and every page of the paper. It was like my own private edition paper.

It struck me – if the hotel could do this each and every morning with a 100 page newspaper, why couldn’t some of our restaurant clients offer personalized menus to large groups or private parties? It’s such a nice touch and for very little extra cost there is much more “wow” factor.

Personalized Menus

The wow is always in the little details like this. Then I remembered I had received such a menu years before at a private club in Florida and also remembered that at a luxury hotel I used to market we had a resident calligrapher that would crank out ornate and personalized thank you notes and special invitations. Beautiful!

Sometimes the best ideas for one industry are ideas that have been around for years in another segment of the industry or totally other industry all together. In this case, the personalization of luxury hotels offers an underutilized approach for restaurant marketing – especially as it relates to large groups, caterers, business to business marketing, showing special appreciation for important customers. Personalized menus and invitations make a guest feel special and are more reflective of the truest sentiment of hospitality – much more so than a light weight paper coupon stuffed in the back of the Sunday newspaper or metered postage mailbox stuffer.

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