Menu Design: iPad & Other Tablets in Restaurants

Restaurateurs should consider incorporating iPads and other digital tablets in their menu design strategy. There are many uses for these devices. Read to find out more.

Menu Design: iPad & Other Tablets in Restaurants

Digital technologies are helping drive down the cost of printing in virtually every industry. It only makes sense those new cost-reducing digital technologies would be applied to menus. What are the ways these digital menus can be used? How creative should you get?

Digital Menu Usage

While it is still cost prohibitive to offer digital paper to every customer, there are some specialty menus which can be converted to digital with a tablet such as an iPad or Kindle. This could be used for wines, signature cocktails, menu nutritional information, or even specials.

Video Clips

Sure, why not film a 15 second clip of a new signature dish and have the server bring the tablet to the table and play a short clip? Okay, maybe that’s over the top, but when you look for ways to apply the advantages of digital paper to traditional paper/menus, you will find some creative uses.

Other Ideas for iPad Usage

The possibilities for using iPads and other tablets are endless. Here are a few other ideas on Restaurant Industry Uses for iPad.

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