Restaurant Placemats in Zone Merchandising

Depending on your concept and format, restaurant placemats may be an appropriate extension of your menu and marketing strategy. What do you need to know about restaurant placemats and makes this an important zone in your zone merchandising strategy? Read on.

Restaurant Placemats as a Marketing Tool

Restaurant Placemats Zone Merchandizing
Restaurant Placemats Zone Merchandizing

Use in QSR or Fast Casual

Naturally, a marketing-oriented placemat is not appropriate in a table cloth restaurant. A paper placemat  doesn’t exactly say “fine dining.” However, if you have a QSR or fast-casual operation, placemats may be at the center of your zone merchandising efforts. The placemat can convey information about your restaurant, communicate new items to your customers, entertain guests, and act as a part of your overall brand.

Extension of the Menu

Placemats can sometimes be viewed as an extension of the menu. Experiment with designs such as rotating with the limited time offers you’re featuring. That’s not only beneficial for exposure but it also helps the guest feel informed. The placemat could also be an extension of the menu as a stand-alone glossary of terms.

Other Uses of Restaurant Placemats

Other uses include data capture cards/tear-outs, telling your brand story, or recognizing special customers, employees or events. These uses have the potential to gather important marketing data and statistics, to spread the brand story and culture, and to increase staff morale.

When to Renew Content

When should you renew the content? It depends. Keep content on restaurant placemats fresh. Plan to rotate the messaging and design at least quarterly (every 4-8 weeks is ideal).



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