From cost center to profit center; from necessary amenity to newsworthy attraction

Hotel Food and Beverage

Our firm brings a truly unique and unrivaled body of experience to the hotel food and beverage industry. Hotel F&B projects require an approach that is both strategic and tactical — building on our experience with clients throughout the globe, we provide an understanding of what’s required for a regional launch or global initiative.

We’ve helped some of the world’s largest hotel chains (including a $16 billion global company that currently claims more than 6,000 venues) strengthen their F&B programs. Our team knows firsthand that those industry players who can make moves away from the traditional sub-par in-room or on-site dining experience — and take a page from the traditional restaurant industry — will woo guests and locals alike.

We have developed both corporate brand standards and decentralized marketing programs for foodservice operations across every inhabited continent. Our multi-disciplined team brings an unmatched, unique skillset, ensuring brand standards while encouraging and enabling buy-in at all levels. No other consultancy has a more holistic and experienced view of how all functional areas and departments of a foodservice operation combine and work together to produce a unique experience.

As we continually study the industry, we have our fingers on the pulse of F&B developments in every corner of the globe. Our Hotel Food and Beverage services include:

  • Concept Development
  • Corporate-Level F&B Marketing Frameworks & Plans
  • Venue Concept Development & Positioning
  • Unique Selling Propositions (Frameworks & Planning Tools)
  • Venue Style Guides
  • Base Modules (Budgets, Calendars, Planning, Communication, and Department Articulation)
  • Competitive Research & Analysis
  • Content Marketing (Blogging, Video Blogging, Editorial Calendar/Planning, Bar Promotions)
  • Neighborhood Marketing
  • Digital, Social, Web (Wireframes, Content, Strategy)
  • SEO/SEM, Local & Mobile Search
  • Associate Engagement
  • Guest Journey Mapping, Sequence of Service & Guest Cycle
  • SOP, Guidelines, Toolkit, Instructional Tools, eLearning Development
  • Story-Telling, Creative Briefs, Campaign Checklists & Criteria
  • Venue Localization (Web, Menu, Sense of Place, Sense of Season, Sense of Source)
  • Menu Engineering & Signature Item Development