Private Equity

Restaurant Due Diligence: What To Look For Before Investing

There’s been a lot of investor interest in the restaurant industry as of late, and for good reason: even when economies around the world struggle, consumers continue to dine out. And even though habits might change and trends might shift, the global restaurant industry remains a force. Still, with so

The Most Active Restaurant Private Equity Firms

Private Equity has found a niche in the restaurant industry, where a slew of high-profile deals have made their mark in recent years. The most active restaurant private equity firms aren’t necessarily restricted to one country, with deals increasingly cropping up in Asia, the Middle East, and South America, and

What the Future Holds for Restaurant Mergers and Acquisitions

The future is never certain, but it’s safe to say that now’s a good time for restaurant mergers and acquisitions. The recent news that Restaurant Brands International (the parent company of Burger King and Tim Hortons) would be paying top dollar to acquire Popeyes raised some eyebrows. The $1.8 billion