We help clients institutionalize best practices, install the infrastructure to support sustainable growth, and build their pipeline of potential.


Process. Procedure. Systemization.  This is really the meat of it, and where restaurants are making or breaking it. Every restaurant bleeds margin and efficiency, and without the proper processes and procedures in place, it’s more than just a flesh wound.

Restaurants grow and develop in an ongoing process, just like humans – and there is always room for improvement. This is especially true if you’re preparing to expand, as the inefficiencies from process gaps or leaking procedures increase exponentially.

Many restaurant businesses make the hearty mistake of not investing in proper operational development, thinking it will be an easy way to save money. In reality, though, this misconception leads to significantly higher costs in the longer term. The average cost of training a line-level employee is $1,500. This cost is buried, hidden in underdeveloped process, procedure and guest expectations, and not broken out as its own P&L line item; if it were, this missed investment would be far more difficult to ignore. If you developed any department in your operation to its full potential, it could produce huge returns to your bottom line.

This is what the biggest difference is for the most successful companies in the world. They carry huge amounts on their balance sheets for brand equity, intellectual property and other “soft” or “intangible assets.” These companies are making millions of dollars’ worth of reinvestments into their internal process and procedure, and understand the increased value those investments return. Development may seem expensive and optional, but not investing in these efforts is even more costly.

  • Concept Development
  • Prototype Development
  • Product Development
  • Menu Development
  • Culinary Development
  • Beverage Development
  • Process & Procedure Development
  • Brand Portfolio Development
  • Commissary Kitchen Development
  • Workflows & Planograms
  • Training Program Development
  • Job Descriptions & KPIs
  • Signature Menu Items
  • Guest Journey Mapping
  • Sequence of Service
  • Professional Development