Writers and Trendspotters

Looking for Writers and Trendspotters

We like to stay on top of what’s happening in the world of restaurants, and the restaurants of the world. With more than 16 million of them around the globe, it’s a pretty big task. So we are building a global network of trendspotters to help write our Top 10, Top 100, Cool New Stuff, and Things to Watch articles. These are accepted on a contractual, freelance basis, but there’s nothing free about them. We actually pay very well. But we expect good, clean copy. And we require that it be original. We’re not looking for opinionated commentary, just facts, factoids, and examples to back them up. We’re a global consultancy, so we’re looking for trends and cool ideas from throughout the world. They don’t have to have a worldwide reach – in fact, something that starts as just a really great restaurant marketing or design idea in a small corner of the world can sometimes catch fire and spread across the globe. That’s what we’re looking for. Send us a pitch letter, with some samples of your work and any ideas you have. You can send it to TrendSpotters@aaronallen.com.