10 Big, Bizarre, and Outrageous Restaurant Menu Items

A restaurant is recognized for how it caters to cravings, eating styles, and wallet size. Sometimes a restaurant chooses to be recognized for going big. In that case, unusual shapes, atypical toppings, bizarre combinations, or truly gargantuan serving sizes lead to the most extreme (unhealthy) restaurant menu items. Here are 10 of the most noteworthy examples.

1. Chicken & Pig: A Love Story

While it is possible to have a burger without bread for those who are all about no carbs, KFC had a similar idea in mind – their chicken sandwich known as KFC’s Double Down contains two pieces of chicken with two kinds of cheese, Colonel sauce and bacon.  This extreme sandwich was one of the most anticipated menu items when it came to the states.  It was also a huge hit in Canada.  Now this is a pair of star crossed lovers that has never been told before!

Restaurant Menu Items - KFC's Double Down

2. AHHH! Monster!

While the Original Husky Burger challenged customers with a big appetite, over the years Hardee’s stepped up their fryers with the Monster Thick Burger.  Containing 2/3 lbs of beef, two slices of American cheese, four slices of bacon, and mayo, one cannot pass this burger up!  To make it more of a challenge the Double Monster Thick Burger has two burgers stacked on top.

Restaurant Menu Items - Monster ThickBurger

3. Internationally Known

Pizza Hut has a new special delivery and to customers in the United Kingdom, the Hot Dog stuffed crust pizza is knocking on their door.  Served with mustard drizzle, this pizza has hot dog sausage stuffed in Pizza Hut’s famous crust.  Combining these two favorite sports food is sure to have the ultimate game day.

Restaurant Menu Items - Hot Dog Stuffed Crust Pizza at Pizza Hut

4. Sky High

“It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s….The Vertigo Burger!” Elevation Burger is popular by stacking their burger sky high.  Made with 100% organic beef, the foot tall burger contains 10 patties stacked up for the burger lover.  To top it off, a skewer is added to keep the burger standing in a wonderful presentation.  In order to get so many patties made quickly, inferred burners works like a conveyer belt that has cast irons on top that cook 300 burgers an hour.

Restaurant Menu Items - Elevation Burger

5. Smells like Bacon

Wendy’s Baconator is centered completely around bacon so much, that there is no room for vegetables.  To contribute to the bacon lover’s craving, there is no limit to the amount of bacon a customer can order.  Not setting a limit for a fan favorite ingredient, is always a plus for customers to come back for more. After all Wendy’s sold more than 25 million  Baconators after the first eight weeks – their most successful sale in history.

Restaurant Menu Items - Baconator Burger from Wendy's

6. To Burger or Not to Burger

Pizza Hut in Dubai and other countries in the Middle East have another pizza construction that is to the extreme . The cheese burger crown pizza has mini cheese burgers stuffed in the crust.  The rest of the pizza is topped with burger ingredients of lettuce, tomatoes, onions, special sauce, cheese, and beef nubs.  Now that is a perfect food party platter!

Restaurant Menu Items - Pizza Hut's Mini Cheeseburger Pizza

7. Return of the Mac

New York City’s Mac Bar puts a whole different meaning to macaroni and cheese.  With twelve different types of combinations with mac and cheese, one of the most extreme is the Mac Lobsta’.  While the noodles are always made freshly at the Mac Bar, the Mac Lobsta’ contains tender chunks of fresh lobster, cognac, tarragon and mascarpone.

Restaurant Menu Items - Mac Bar

8. No ketchup, just glaze please.

“I’ll take my burger extra glazed please!”  This is a constant request in Mulligan’s, a suburban bar in Decatur, Georgia for their famous Luther Burger.  Seen in numerous state fairs and on Paula Deen with her version known as the “Craz-E Burger”, this burger is to the extreme. This bar owner substituted doughnuts when he ran out of buns.  The Krispy Kreme Donut burger was named the Luther Burger after the late singer and record producer Luther Vandross, who was said to be a fan.  Catchy names with unique combinations are sure to have customers remember their favorite dish.

Restaurant Menu Items - Luther Burger

9. Pizza To Go

What does a New Yorker do who has a fifteen minute lunch break, rushing trying to catch a taxi to a meeting cross town, has their hands full holding a briefcase and phone, all while, craving pizza? They go to K! Pizzacone of course! Located in Manhattan, New York this pizza cone is a hit for its unique taste and convenient size for your hand while on the run.

Restaurant Menu Items - K! Pizza Cone

10. How Do You Doo?

Listed as number one is Portland, Oregon’s Voodoo Donuts.  Their entire menu is made with possibly any topping one could think of! From cereal, M&Ms, bubble gum, to even bacon!  While one of their specialties is putting flavor dust on top of their donuts to give it a unique flavor, it serves as a great surprise to know that it is only drink mix!  Another great way to cater to the customers’ craving, is that these extreme donuts are open 24hrs. Now that is the way to “doo” it.

Restaurant Menu Items - Voodoo Donuts