Restaurant Strategic Advisory

The best of the best look to the future, defining how the industry will change and making moves to take advantage of new opportunities, markets, trends, and technologies.

We serve as industry leaders’ thought partners, collaborating with them to devise, test, validate, and embark on exciting initiatives that will transform their organizations, and the foodservice space itself. With decades of experience across all functional areas of the hospitality industry and in every region, market, cuisine, segment, and category, we help clients chart the future of their operations, from brand and marketing strategies to growth, expansion, and investment opportunities.

Our clients come to us to better understand and capitalize on future of foodservice implications, sourcing capital and concepts, M&A opportunities, cross-border expansion, countermeasures to declining sales in saturated and slowing markets or categories, and new approaches to their planning processes that anticipate and respond to the rapid evolution of disruptive technologies, emerging consumer dining behaviors, and increased competitive dynamics.

We support emerging and established restaurant brands with: 

Strategic Advisors Serving Senior Leaders