Restaurant Industry

How Coronavirus is Impacting Restaurants

Disruption from Coronavirus has been especially significant for the restaurant industry. The economic slowdown, public markets in distress, supply chains interrupted, tourism coming to a halt, consumers staying at home (which — for many — translates to a lower disposable income), and huge uncertainty can have long-lived effects for many

Where is the Food Service Industry Heading?

The biggest threats are often those that few see coming. It’s a case of history repeating itself with companies being wiped out by disruptive forces that were often dismissed when they first appeared. A similar fate could be met by many restaurant companies if they do not take active steps

Restaurant Industry Growth

We receive thousands of inquiries each year from every corner of the foodservice industry and from all around the globe. There are some common patterns in what we’re being asked. Some of most frequent questions include: What regions and categories are driving growth? What segments are expanding and collapsing? Who

MENA Restaurant Industry Insights

As one of the fastest-growing foodservice markets in the world, the Middle East has been a region of opportunity for many restaurant chains — both for companies based locally and others from around the world. Changing market conditions, nationalization programs and increasing costs, normalizing margins, and oftentimes weak comps are

10 Alternative Foodservice Formats Impacting the Restaurant Industry

Alternative foodservice formats are increasing in popularity across the globe. More and more, we’re seeing companies that are looking to provide food via convenient and affordable formats that have attractive unit economics or are more relevant to emerging consumer trends — bringing food to customers where they live, work, eat,

Global Restaurant Industry: What to Expect in 2019

Volatility, variance, disruption, and downright white-knuckle rides await us all in 2019, at least on some level. Whether your company will be up, down, or skidding sideways depends on a variety of variables that we will touch on briefly here. Let us first enjoy (or cringe our way through) a

Lessons from the Pizza Industry for Every Foodservice Leader

The U.S. pizza industry is among the most saturated in the world. That’s not slowing down chains with hustle though. In fact, the fast movers are cannibalizing others with a ferocity that should be cause for alarm for those not investing in the arms race that is shaping up. In

Just How Dominant Are the World’s Most Dominant Restaurant Chains?

In North America, the largest 10 restaurant chains control more than one-fifth of the foodservice market, equivalent to $128.5b. Only Australasia comes close to North America. In Asia Pacific, the top 10 control just 5.3% of the market; in the Middle East and Africa, the share is slightly higher, at