Restaurant Marketing

11 Labor Day Restaurant Marketing Examples

Labor Day is meant to be a celebration of American workers – a day they can take off from work to enjoy some time outside. And with the US unemployment rate recently dropping to 4.3%, there are a whole lot of people likely to be celebrating. More free time for

What a Thorough Restaurant Marketing Audit Should Cover

A restaurant marketing audit should be as common and as much a part of life for restaurant chains as a physical exam is for people. It’s something that should be done every 36-months as a standard routine. The restaurant industry is an incredibly complex one. Add modern marketing to the

Global Restaurant Marketing Trends and Examples

With consumer appetites always evolving, restaurants are making changes to their marketing efforts. Traditional advertising is still important, but the use of digital, social, and mobile have been increasing for years. And then there’s the increased competition, which is dramatically altering the restaurant landscape and, by extension, the way chains

Restaurant Loyalty Programs That Are Paying Off for Chains

Human nature is a funny thing. It’s what propels people to fixate on earning points. As kids, we’re rewarded with gold stars — often completing our homework for the reward more than anything else. Not much changes as we grow older — though the gold stars are swapped with points,

The Importance of Protecting A Restaurant’s Intellectual Property

Today, committing fraud is much easier — and more lucrative — than holding up a bank only to walk down the street minutes later with briefcases stuffed with $10,000 in cash. In a trade secret-intensive industry like restaurants, someone could effectively walk out of a company with some $1 million

Five Times Restaurant Chains Used Cause Marketing to Their Advantage

From even a cursory glance at the restaurant marketplace, it’s evident that Cause Marketing has become an integral part of the restaurant business. Even in the worlds of QSR and fast casual, people crave transparency and wholesomeness. Cause marketing — the act of aligning a brand with a cause, to

How to Get Your Restaurant Marketing Budget Approved

The restaurant industry is an incredibly competitive one. While failure rates aren’t quite what has been claimed in some studies, the competitiveness has never been more intense. Emerging markets only add to that heightened competitive potency. (If you’re not convinced of that, read about the 25 things keeping restaurant CEOs

The Greatest Show on Earth Folds Its Tent: Here’s the Restaurant Industry Lesson

At its height, Ringling Brothers-Barnum & Bailey Circus embodied American entertainment. Over the span of its 146 years, its spirited ringmasters invited fans of all ages to take in both the jaw-dropping (lions, tightrope-walkers, trained elephants) and the eye-opening (strongmen, bearded ladies, trapeze artists). P.T. Barnum, the founder of what

Earned Media: The Unsung Hero of a High Valuation

The launch of Shake Shack’s first Korean franchise was a restaurant operator’s dream. Guests lined up hours in advance of the opening (some all night) to try the burgers at the latest outpost, nestled on Gangnam’s main thoroughfare in South Korea. The draw, at least according to most of the

Why Content Marketing Is Essential for Modern Restaurants

When Apple released its iPhone7 in San Francisco, the internet was rightfully captivated (this was the first time the brand revealed it had removed the headphone jack, after all). And then Denny’s swooped in with its take on the announcement, tweeting: “true innovation would have been replacing the headphone jack with a