Restaurant Technology

What You Can Learn from CEOs Who Made Bold Bets on Technology

Restaurant Transformation Lessons from 300 Physicists Who Failed and 3 Industry Leaders Who Won Big Executives championing change and technology in restaurants can learn a lot from the failure of a physicist and the loss of two billion dollars. At the time, the largest scientific investment in the history of

Restaurant Technologies Help Chains Empower Guests and Drive Business

Domino’s Pizza, Panera Bread, and Starbucks have led the way for chained foodservice operators looking to adopt and integrate restaurant technologies into their businesses. Thanks to mobile apps and new in-store ordering innovations, these quick-service and fast-casual brands are making it easier than ever to sell. Nevertheless, many companies remain

Domino’s Pizza Top 10 Innovations

Since 2013, Domino’s stock (DPZ) has risen from $60 per share to almost $250 per share, a staggering 316% increase. Innovation, especially when it comes to cutting-edge delivery technology, has become the number one driver for a company that started with one shop in Ann Arbor, Michigan in 1960 and

Technology’s Impact on Menu Merchandising

Once a fairly humble piece of paper, the menu has evolved to become one of the most complex components of one of the most complex businesses in the world. Restaurant menus are a convergence of nearly every other facet of the business: marketing, supply chain, interaction, design, fulfillment production, copywriting,

How Online Food Delivery Will Change In the Next 5 Years

We’ve gone on record about digital delivery’s disruptive and ultimately transformative effect on the restaurant industry: as online food delivery and mobile ordering apps reshape consumer expectations for speed and convenience, operators have to keep pace with these demands or watch their sales drop. Our projections show that this market

How Food Startups Are Re-Shaping The Way We Eat

With Amazon’s acquisition of Whole Foods, new dietary habits shaping the way we eat, and whole new dining categories cropping up, it’s clear that the restaurant industry (and food, at large) is in flux. In a November webinar, CB Insights Senior Intelligence Analyst Zoe Leavitt delved further into new investment

How Restaurant Chains Are Using Tech to Engineer Convenience Into the Dining Experience

As quick-service and full-service restaurants continue fighting for market share from fast-casual players, they are increasingly turning to tech, unveiling mobile order apps, bill-splitting technologies, and delivery to engineer more convenience into the dining experience (and add to their bottom lines in the process). Still, not all chains are on

A Roundup of Restaurant Inventory Management Software

Consumers are evolving faster than the supply chain, with inventory management becoming increasingly problematic for restaurant operators and those who invest in chains. And the more money a chain has tied up in inventory, the harder it is to get a handle on lowering food costs. Lately, though, a slew

A Recent History of Food Tech IPOs

Food tech has made its mark on the restaurant industry in a major way. In fact, we’re witnessing such a seismic change that the full ramifications of how tech will impact restaurants still remains to be seen. What is for certain is that tech companies will continue to crop up,