How Coronavirus is Impacting Restaurants

Disruption from Coronavirus has been especially significant for the restaurant industry. The economic slowdown, public markets in distress, supply chains interrupted, tourism coming to a halt, consumers staying at home (which — for many — translates to a lower disposable income), and huge uncertainty can have long-lived effects for many

Pressure-Test Your P&L

Every restaurant bleeds — it’s simply a question of where and how much. Just as banks and governments occasionally conduct stress tests to model scenarios and validate the stability of their systems under pressure, restaurant chains (and their investors) should endeavor to objectively pressure test their P&L — with increasing

How Restaurant CEO Priorities are Evolving in 2020

Restaurant CEO priorities are shifting in 2020, and it makes sense given how quickly the consumer and competitive landscape are shifting as well as the introduction of new forces impacting the industry. Here, we round up ten factors influencing how leaders are evolving their views and approach.  1. The Impact

15 Super Helpful How-To Articles for the Restaurant CEO

We’ve worked with executive leadership teams of some of the most successful established and emerging foodservice and hospitality companies around the world, supporting with strategic issues related to growth and expansion, performance optimization, brand strategy, marketing, due diligence, and how to enhance and maintain enterprise value. Through more than 2,000

Don’t Be a Boardroom Mushroom

They say the best way to grow mushrooms is to keep them in the dark and feed them manure. Some restaurant boards are relegated to the same regimen. While it is essential for the restaurant board of directors and executive management teams to nurture a harmonious and balanced relationship —

Where is the Food Service Industry Heading?

The biggest threats are often those that few see coming. It’s a case of history repeating itself with companies being wiped out by disruptive forces that were often dismissed when they first appeared. A similar fate could be met by many restaurant companies if they do not take active steps

How to Reverse Margin Erosion with Menu Engineering

Margins are being compressed for restaurants and foodservice operators around the world. Nearly every geography, cuisine, and operating model is being hit with increased costs relative to rent, labor, commodities, demands of modernization, competitive pricing and promotional tactics designed to take share, and a more fickle and demanding consumer with

Restaurant Investment: Capital Calls

While we expect M&A activity to continue to pick up over the next five years, those leveraging the best insights regarding the evolution of the market landscape to inform a modernized and globally-oriented F&B investment thesis are set to lead (and even create) segments and categories. There’s plenty of capital

Restaurant Industry Growth

We receive thousands of inquiries each year from every corner of the foodservice industry and from all around the globe. There are some common patterns in what we’re being asked. Some of most frequent questions include: What regions and categories are driving growth? What segments are expanding and collapsing? Who

Modernization’s Impact on the Foodservice Investment Thesis

Creating a compelling and modernized investment thesis requires superior intelligence and insights relative to understanding the landscape and how the consumer and competition are being reshaped, from the decline of casual dining to the rise of new formats.  While other sectors have seen significant increases in productivity historically, improvements in the