Restaurant Efficiency: Strategic Kitchen Reconfigurations

Enhanced Restaurant Efficiency and Profitability Via Strategic Kitchen Reconfigurations: Ignite Your Restaurant’s Future

In the fast-paced restaurant industry, staying ahead of the competition requires constant innovation and adaptation. One of the most impactful changes you can make is optimizing your kitchen layout and operations. At Aaron Allen & Associates, we specialize in strategic kitchen reconfigurations that not only streamline your back-of-house processes but also significantly boost your bottom line.

Why Reconfigure Your Kitchen Now?

1. Increase Efficiency: By rethinking your kitchen’s design, you can reduce food preparation times, minimize waste, and enhance overall productivity. An optimized layout means your team can work on your menu more smoothly and effectively, which translates to faster service and happier customers.

2. Technology Integration: Modern kitchens must leverage the latest technology to stay competitive. From automated cooking systems to advanced inventory management, integrating new tech can reduce labor costs and improve accuracy, leading to better margins and fewer errors.

3. Scalability: As your restaurant grows, so should your kitchen. A well-planned reconfiguration will accommodate future expansion and new menus, ensuring that your kitchen can handle increased demand without compromising on service quality.

Our Proven Approach

At Aaron Allen & Associates, we combine deep industry knowledge with cutting-edge insights to deliver kitchen reconfigurations that drive tangible results. Here’s how we do it:

  • Discovery Phase: We begin with a comprehensive assessment of your current kitchen setup, identifying key areas for improvement.
  • Design & Development: Our team of experts will create a customized reconfiguration plan, incorporating the latest trends and technologies.
  • Deployment: We oversee the implementation of the new design, ensuring minimal disruption to your operations.
  • Continuous Improvement: Post-deployment, we provide ongoing support and adjustments to ensure sustained efficiency and profitability.

Success Stories

Consider the case of a major fast-casual chain we recently assisted. By reconfiguring their kitchen, we helped them reduce food prep times by 20%, cut waste by 15%, and increase overall sales by 10%. This transformation was not just about improving operations—it was about setting them up for long-term success.

Take Action Today

Ready to transform your kitchen and take your restaurant to the next level? Contact Aaron Allen & Associates today to schedule a consultation. Let’s work together to create a kitchen that’s not only efficient and modern but also a driving force behind your restaurant’s growth.


Publicly traded restaurant chains in the U.S., whether lightly, moderately, or heavily franchised systems are investing more in CAPEX.

Back in 2021 we said: This is the first year that is riskier to not rip out the legacy systems than to leave them out as-is. Tech is enabling competitive moat-building; we think we are on track to about a third of CAPEX allocated to tech.

How much CAPEX should we plan on comparative to “normal” years prior basis? Should we expect the same or different MOIC / IRR? Why? How do we help the board and shareholders see the wisdom in our choices? These are some of the questions we are helping executive teams answer.


There are different ways for restaurant chains to grow and investment is required for it to pay off in the short and long term. For chains that are not growing via franchising (or that are doing so to an extent but still growing corporate stores), growth (and a high level of CAPEX to open new stores) requires building infrastructure to deploy the pipeline ahead of time, and that usually entails a higher SG&A percentage for some time until the stores are at their full revenue generating status.

Two good examples are sweetgreen and Dutch Bros, both growing steadily over the last few years and with plans to continue to do so. Their CAPEX is considerably higher than the industry median, reflecting unit openings. SG&A for these companies is coming at the median or higher, supporting the corporate infrastructure needed to expand.

Just as radar technology has improved dramatically for the weather industry, the same advancements can be made to corporate preparedness. The best and most successful companies (across sectors) worldwide are making investments into CAPEX, R&D, intelligence, and their own organizations (systems, processes, and organizational design) with a determination to win that can easily demoralize anyone half-heartedly standing up against it.


The last 130 years of US restaurant industry data will reveal some predictable patterns that mirror economic conditions, but this new cycle is absolutely unique. It’s as transformative to global foodservice and hospitality as was the Cotton Ginny to agriculture or the automobile to transportation.

We are working with leadership teams of many of the biggest and brightest brand stars in the universe of foodservice and can communicate with clarity: we all realize this is something new and will require radically different thinking and approaches to navigate what’s ahead.

It’s as exhilarating as it is exhausting to paddle through these rapids, but those with stamina and courage will transverse and transcend the new dynamics driving performance in the global restaurant industry.

We’re so proud to roll up our sleeves and work alongside executive teams of emerging and established brands that are inspired to contribute something new. Will it be robotics? AI? IoT? Something else? These are the questions we’re helping executive teams size up and seize as part of their growth planning and strategic development. Exciting times!


“In its most sincere form, this is consulting. Call it coaching or partnership or something else, but when someone really cares about your well-being and outcomes, they get involved like these people do. Coaches are common. Coaches that perform like these are rare. Can’t paint everyone with the same brush as there are distinctions. The best ones do it when the cameras aren’t rolling; these are rare glimpses of the authenticity captured by those focused on the outcomes and safety of those they are entrusted to take care of — they are hyper concerned with a purposeful and diligent intent. I could watch this a dozen times and not get tired of it. Helps remind me why I got into this profession in the first place.” — Aaron Allen, Chief Strategist at Aaron Allen & Associates.

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