Restaurant Leadership

How Restaurant CEO Priorities are Evolving in 2020

Restaurant CEO priorities are shifting in 2020, and it makes sense given how quickly the consumer and competitive landscape are shifting as well as the introduction of new forces impacting the industry. Here, we round up ten factors influencing how leaders are evolving their views and approach.  1. The Impact

15 Super Helpful How-To Articles for the Restaurant CEO

We’ve worked with executive leadership teams of some of the most successful established and emerging foodservice and hospitality companies around the world, supporting with strategic issues related to growth and expansion, performance optimization, brand strategy, marketing, due diligence, and how to enhance and maintain enterprise value. Through more than 2,000

Don’t Be a Boardroom Mushroom

They say the best way to grow mushrooms is to keep them in the dark and feed them manure. Some restaurant boards are relegated to the same regimen. While it is essential for the restaurant board of directors and executive management teams to nurture a harmonious and balanced relationship —

Are We Growing Too Fast?

While we often say it’s easier to ride a wild stallion (in this case a fast-growing restaurant chain) than drag a dead horse (one that’s not growing at all) — the big question that many restaurant chains need to answer is: how fast should we be growing?  And what steps

3 Visceral Videos for Thanks-Giving Restaurant Leaders

As fast as the world and our lives move these days, it’s difficult to pay much attention to something that isn’t instantly clear in terms of its value proposition. And it’s a tall order for someone to request we play along with what may at first seem like rhetorical questions

How to Plan with Purpose

Many restaurant executive teams are still planning with post-it notes and ballpoint pens while their competitors are harnessing theories, tools, and techniques that sound like science fiction — big data, machine learning, artificial intelligence, behavioral economics, neuromarketing — to create strategy and allocate budgets. For far too long, planning has

We See You: How Organizations Find and Recognize Top Contributors

Every organization has top talent, and finding and fostering those key players is critical to a company’s ability to thrive during both good and challenging times. In the global foodservice industry, top contributors make themselves known in a variety of ways. They drive exceptional outputs, come up with new ideas,

10 New Questions for the Sleepless Restaurant CEO

Many public company restaurant CEOs have been called on recently to answer for their sluggish responses to the emerging challenges that characterize the modern foodservice era. Oftentimes, their responsibly-worded reply is an acknowledgment that the world was changing outside their business faster than it was improving inside their business. Rising

How Domino’s Turnaround Gained Nearly $12b in Enterprise Value

Any pizzeria owner or chain executives who keeps up with the business news is likely more than a little green with envy (by now, probably emerald). The reason: Domino’s is killing it online. While over 75% of the US restaurant industry is still struggling to get its act together and

Private Equity Investment Overview for Restaurant Operators

How could you grow your business with a $50m private equity investment? Would you expand into new markets, roll out the prototypes you’ve been dreaming of, or deploy new technology to make it even easier for diners to get your food? We’re predicting a lot of activity in the lower middle-market