Aaron Allen & Associates is a global restaurant consulting firm representing clients spanning 6 continents, 100 countries, and collectively posting more than $200b in revenue annually. We work with senior leaders to identify, size, and seize commercial opportunities — while mitigating their risks — as they navigate the complexities of shifting industry dynamics in pursuit of achieving their most ambitious aims and solving their most complex challenges.

Starting with actionable intelligence that combines our global experience and local expertise with custom research, we partner with clients to identify needs, define business requirements, and design and deploy new initiatives in the field.

Our clients come to us to better understand and capitalize on future of foodservice implications, sourcing capital and concepts, M&A opportunities, cross-border expansion, countermeasures to declining sales in saturated and slowing markets or categories, and new approaches to their planning processes that anticipate and respond to the rapid evolution of disruptive technologies, emerging consumer dining behaviors, and increased competitive dynamics.

How May We Serve You?

State of the Industry

In some instances, what’s needed is a fit-for-purpose and data-driven report that sizes a market, quantifies an opportunity, isolates variables, and renders citable and irrefutable facts about the state of — and implications for — an industry, market, company, channel, category, competitor, or consumer trend.

Growth and Expansion

Informed by broad, global experience and deep, local expertise, our growth and expansion engagements increase sales, create innovative concepts, penetrate new markets, and close important acquisitions, all focused on developing sustainable value over the long-term.

Performance Optimization

Most restaurants bleed profits and potential unnecessarily. There are a range of short-, mid-, and long-term opportunities, but the challenge is identifying which will increase sales, build value, and secure a brand’s future. As trusted external advisors and experienced practitioners, we come at these questions from a different angle, identifying, framing, and claiming opportunities.

Enterprise Value Enhancement

We work with senior leaders to find and unlock trapped and untapped value. Our customized and data-driven insights determine feasibility, build bullet-proof business cases, and develop multi-year roadmaps with tightly defined resource allocations and projections about both financial and non-financial returns.

Risk and Relevance

We review risk and relevance through the lens of industry forces and consumer behavior, combining operating and financial data to build dynamic and responsive models that deliver actionable insights. Our deep and broad experience in global foodservice means that we can advise operators about what’s now and what’s next — and why it matters.

Blending Strategic and Tactical Efforts to Keep the Business Healthy, Especially During its Growth Stages

At every stage of the business life cycle, a foodservice operation faces a unique set of challenges and opportunities: from the growing pains of emerging brands to the turnaround efforts that revive distressed systems. We leverage our experience across the life of an operation to help leaders shave decades off the development cycle and define the best path forward for their organizations.


Create business plans and financial models, develop brand identity and strategy, ensure the right targets are in place


Prioritize resource allocation and augment existing infrastructure through periods of rapid growth


Develop new products and profit centers, grow new brands in the portfolio, and expand to foreign-to-them markets


Identify areas of growth, evaluate  portfolios, and challenge assumptions and the status quo


Evaluate and provide strategic triage and turnaround plans to re-engage key stakeholders and renew brands