If the impossible were possible, how would you do it?

Growth & Expansion

Growing the top-line can cure much of what ails a company — but the trick is to do so while also strengthening the brand and enterprise value.

A 2% increase in sales is equivalent to a 10% reduction in costs, but, as a company expands and competition strengthens, it gets harder and harder to maintain annual same-store sales growth. Often a 5%–10% revenue increase can be achieved with quick hits that may have been historically overlooked or underleveraged. Modernizing marketing capabilities and winning stakeholders’ — from employees to guests to media — hearts and minds are tangible, short-term wins in the current operating year that can boost revenue and increase enthusiasm.

Long-term, however, many organizations that have reached the limits of organic growth seek out new markets, products, profit centers, and categories through concept development, physical expansion, and acquisitions.

Our global capabilities help clients hone in on which geographies, categories, and formats are most attractive to both consumers and investors. We provide tailored insights into how unit-economic and -operating models — as well as consumer sentiment and dining behaviors — are evolving, helping companies recognize what works, where it works, and how to find and communicate their value proposition to those who matter most.