Restaurant Growth & Expansion

Growing the top-line can cure much of what ails a company — but the trick is to do so while also strengthening the brand and enterprise value.

The bulk of all foodservice industry growth over the next five years will come from international markets; and the significant share of top growth brands derive an increasing percentage of revenue from outside their home markets. Since 2005 we have advised dozens of multi-national operators and industry suppliers on growth strategy related to cross-border expansion, brand translation and adaptation to foreign markets, and where to play and how to win.

We help pinpoint size of the prize, potential market share growth, address cannibalization concerns, map the competitive landscape, model implications to forecasted CAPEX and OPEX, paint the picture of evolving consumer trends, and develop a culturally aware approach to entering and winning in new markets.

Our work with executive teams and private equity investors also includes acquisition strategies, partner identification and introductions, alternative formats and prototypes, strategic prioritization, financial modeling, critical path and roadmaps, and scenario modeling informed by rich research and deep experience with international expansion.

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