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Aaron Allen & Associates is a global restaurant consultancy, working alongside the world’s leading foodservice and hospitality companies to drive growth, optimize performance, and maximize enterprise value.

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Led by third-generation restaurateur Aaron Allen, we leverage our deep and wide experience in foodservice to turn qualitative and quantitative findings into bullet-proof recommendations and sustainable results.

Our holistic and integrated approach works across every functional area of the organization to develop multi-year roadmaps that bridge the gap between current-state conditions and future-state ambitions.

These fit-for-purpose plans are crafted for both front-line operations and the C-suite, with the practical know-how that gains credibility and the sound reasoning and rationale that gains commitment from the crew to the CEO. Each stage delivers exceptional returns, with the full sequence accelerating growth, optimizing performance, mitigating risk, ensuring relevance, and enhancing enterprise value. 



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