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Aaron Allen & Associates advises many of the largest and most successful foodservice and hospitality companies globally with an unparalleled breadth and depth of experience across categories, cuisines, geographies, functional areas, ownership types, service styles, operating platforms, and phases of the business lifecycle.

We work with executive leadership of emerging and established restaurant chains, private equity firms, and institutional investors to help them drive growth, optimize performance, and maximize enterprise value.

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Restaurant Consultant, Expert, and Speaker

Our founder and chief strategist, Aaron Allen, literally grew up in his family’s seafood restaurant, and he counts himself lucky that he always knew what he wanted to do with his life and that his passion and profession are one and the same.

He has served as a CEO confidant and senior advisor to industry leaders with tens of thousands of locations and millions of managers and employees in their downstream influence. In total, he and his team have represented more than half of the largest 400 chains, and Aaron has personally led boots-on-the-ground assignments in 70 countries for clients ranging from start-ups to multinational companies posting more than $37 billion in annual sales.

Aaron Allen Restaurant Consultant
foodservice industry in the middle east

The new normal in the GCC is unsettling. Collectively holding their breath through the hardships that have beset regional operators beginning in Q4-2015, stakeholders and shareholders alike are growing ever

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restaurant strategic planning

Many restaurant executive teams are still planning with post-it notes and ballpoint pens while their competitors are harnessing theories, tools, and techniques that sound like science fiction — big data,

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Casual Dining Restaurant Chains Entering Dangerous Waters

In 2008, Blockbuster CEO Jim Keyes told a Motley Fool writer that “neither RedBox nor Netflix are even on the radar screen in terms of competition.” Just a few short

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At its height, Ringling Brothers-Barnum & Bailey Circus embodied American entertainment. Over the span of its 146 years, its spirited ringmasters invited fans of all ages to take in both

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Menu Strategy Simplification

It’s time to free the guest from the tyranny of too many choices. Humans have a remarkable ability to over-complicate. And this has certainly been true in recent years for

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Transformation and Technology in Restaurants Champions of Change

Restaurant Transformation Lessons from 300 Physicists Who Failed and 3 Industry Leaders Who Won Big Executives championing change and technology in restaurants can learn a lot from the failure of

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Restaurants Mergers and AcquIsitions Q3 Update

Already in 2018, $1.5t has changed hands in mergers and acquisitions in North America and Europe. In foodservice, the number of deals is comparable to the first three quarters of

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how restaurant leaders are deploying capital

Capital is cheaper and more available than ever, and at least in the U.S. corporate profits are at record levels. Many organizations are using this opportunity to make strategic acquisitions

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