We help maximize value from sourcing through exit

We work alongside private equity firms, institutional investors, and corporate venture capital firms on both the buy- and sell-sides to discover, unlock, and create meaningful value in restaurant, hotel, and foodservice technology companies.

Backed by our decades of experience across all functional areas of restaurant and hospitality companies, we help our clients make more informed decisions, minimize risk, and maximize sustainable value.

Our expert knowledge of the restaurant sector gives clients insight into best practices, evolving consumer behavior, and the factors shaping the market. As global foodservice specialists, Aaron Allen & Associates has a robust understanding of the economic and consumer forces impacting restaurant chains all over the world. We work with clients to identify and harness the trends, developments, and disruptions that will most impact their investments throughout the holding period.

We’re also adept at communicating with industry targets. We speak their language and understand how both back-of-house and front-of-house operations affect the business’s financial performance.

For clients evaluating investments into restaurants or foodservice tech companies, we provide a holistic view of the industry with sector-specific insights based on our proprietary research and comprehensive data library.

Driving questions include:

  • How much is the industry projected to grow over the next five years?
  • What factors and forces — from geopolitical developments to changing demographics — will impact this company over the life of the investment?

Leveraging our experience and connections in the global restaurant industry, we source tailored and credible prospects that align with an investment committee’s target profile and mandate.

Driving questions include: 

  • What existing operations align with our investment mandate?
  • Does the risk-return profile of the potential investment match our target parameters?   

We move investment team discussions from opinionated to factual by evaluating key operating ratios and measurements against industry benchmarks to quantify the target’s historical performance and assess value creation opportunities going forward.

Driving questions include:

  • How does the target compare to industry benchmarks and best practices?
  • What opportunities exist for cost, consistency, and yield improvements? 

Working on the buy-side with deal teams as well as on the sell-side with executive leadership, we help develop and implement post-closing plans that start quickly, harvesting low-hanging fruit that helps lay the foundation for a successful and value-accretive investment.

Driving questions include:

  • What steps can we take in the first 100 days to quickly improve performance? 
  • What long-term initiatives should we launch early?

Working jointly with deal teams and management, we support the expansion of well- positioned companies and the turnaround of underperforming operations through revenue growth strategies, cost optimization initiatives, productivity improvements, and additional value enhancement opportunities.

Driving questions include:

  • What strategy should guide the holding period?
  • What CAPEX and OPEX investments will create the most value?

We help investors develop a sell-side package that tells a compelling story and communicates the pipeline of potential to new buyers, maximizing value at exit.

Driving questions include:

  • What is the optimal exit schedule?
  • What compelling story of the organization’s pipeline of potential can we tell to attract buyers?  

Our full range of services offers support through every phase of the investment life cycle.

Are you an investor seeking a restaurant advisor? Let us know how we can help.

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