The better the question, the better the answer.


Accelerating change, fierce competition, and hotly contested markets: the pressure on leaders in the foodservice industry is intense, and they need relevant, actionable insights to make sure-footed decisions.

Seismic shifts are rearranging segments, redefining guests’ expectations around the quality and speed of restaurant experiences, and revolutionizing how meals are ordered, prepared, and delivered. While it’s easier than ever to get a birds-eye view of global markets (and anyone with an internet connection can do so), this perspective often remains at the level of headline and observation, providing little in the way of actionable intelligence. Meanwhile, the pace of change continues to accelerate, both within the hospitality industry and the world as a whole.

We help our clients understand emerging categories, evolving purchasing behavior, and the conditions — and competition — in existing and expanding markets. Backed by decades of experience across all functional areas of chained foodservice operations, our market research services combat bias and inertia, surfacing the insights executive teams need to make informed decisions before launching new products, profit centers, and features, expanding into new formats, channels, and markets, or investing in new technologies, concepts, and brands.

restaurant market research

A deeper understanding of the global market, better predictive models, and a clear-eyed view of what’s driving the consumer and industry helps executive teams implement strategies that create competitive advantage. Taking the potentially time-saving step of skipping the research phase can have unexpected and expensive consequences, which can quickly become opportunities for better-informed competitors to capitalize on.

Working from a level as broad-brush as the global $2.7t foodservice industry down to the granularity of transaction-level data analysis, our multi-disciplined team applies industry-specific KPIs, ratios, and metrics to create a unique composite that enables leaders see what their competitors don’t. Our market research gives clients enhanced levels of understanding and the confidence to make sure-footed decisions, develop compelling business cases, and marshal the internal resources needed to leapfrog the competition.