Restaurant Leadership

Chipotle CEO Steve Ells Out … But He’ll Be Back

The news that Chipotle CEO Steve Ells will be stepping down from the very company he founded was certainly a huge story for the foodservice industry – but it was one that got a bit lost in the shuffle of the many other headlines of the week. And it wasn’t

Are We Relevant?: Questions to Ask During a Restaurant Brand Audit

Restaurant CEOs around the world are waking up each morning to a slew of headlines impacting not just the industry, but their own companies in particular. For many, opening the paper or checking the headlines on news sites likely brings to mind a gut-wrenching thought: In the age of restaurant

The Importance of Protecting A Restaurant’s Intellectual Property

Today, committing fraud is much easier — and more lucrative — than holding up a bank only to walk down the street minutes later with briefcases stuffed with $10,000 in cash. In a trade secret-intensive industry like restaurants, someone could effectively walk out of a company with some $1 million

What to Do When Sales Are Down

Even the savviest executives find themselves plagued by the persistent, nagging feeling that comes with negative restaurant chain sales and traffic. In the restaurant industry, that feeling is amplified. Tonight, there will be dozens of CEOs who go to bed stressed out, worried what the board will say after yet

The Greatest Show on Earth Folds Its Tent: Here’s the Restaurant Industry Lesson

At its height, Ringling Brothers-Barnum & Bailey Circus embodied American entertainment. Over the span of its 146 years, its spirited ringmasters invited fans of all ages to take in both the jaw-dropping (lions, tightrope-walkers, trained elephants) and the eye-opening (strongmen, bearded ladies, trapeze artists). P.T. Barnum, the founder of what

25 Scary Things Keeping Restaurant CEOs Awake at Night

One thing is for certain – there’s a lot more uncertainty in the world today. And it’s having an impact on not just the economy around the world, but the restaurant business and sleeping habits of restaurant CEOs forced to contend with increasingly complex challenges brought on by globalization and

Empathetic Listening: A Crucial Message for Hospitality’s Front Lines

Empathetic listening is the most important skill for your front line employees to master. It’s more than simply hearing a guest’s complaints and acting according to a training manual script – it’s being a compassionate, understanding and potentially life-altering champion toward dispute resolution and your overall message of hospitality. This

Jim Sullivan and His Advice on Reinvigorating the Workforce

For those who don’t already know him, Jim Sullivan (CEO,, USA) has long been one of the industry’s top drawing speakers and a sought-after consultant.  His books have sold more than 650,000 copies worldwide and his client list reads like an industry who’s-who, including companies like Starbucks, Coca-Cola, Walt

Henry McGovern, Restaurant Industry CEO of AmRest Holdings

I’ve been blessed over my career to have met a lot of fascinating and accomplished people in the global restaurant industry.  On my short list of coolest (and most accomplished) restaurant industry CEOs is Henry McGovern of AmRest Holdings. In May 2011, I made a trip to visit with Henry

The Challenges of International Restaurant Expansion

International restaurant expansion comes with a host of challenges. With everything from supply chain and distribution to identifying the right products and pricing strategies, labor issues, to reworking all financial models and assumptions for the new operating market. All functions at the corporate office (finance, accounting, legal, operations, marketing, HR, training,