Hotel Food and Beverage

Moving hotel food and beverage from cost center to profit center — and from 'necessary evil' amenity to newsworthy attraction.

Across the globe, hotel F&B is being reshaped by powerful forces — Airbnb, food delivery, and technology among them. While some savvy companies are responding to these (and other) trends, many hotel food and beverage programs continue to lag behind. Strengthening hotel food and beverage programs to be better equipped to compete with new threats is key to their survival.

Hotel F&B projects require an approach that is both strategic and tactical — building on experience with clients throughout the globe, we provide an understanding of what’s required for a regional launch or global initiative.

As we continually study the industry, we have our fingers on the pulse of F&B developments in every corner of the globe. Below, we present some of the common challenges hotel food and beverage face and how to come ahead.

Common Hotel F&B Mistakes

Food and beverage revenue is growing in importance to overall hotel profitability, a break from times past when it was considered a loss leader. But the average hotel doesn’t pay much attention to cutting-edge trends in either in-room or on-site dining. Most can do a better job of feeding both guests and the bottom line. Find here some of the most common hotel F&B mistakes that are driving guests away.

Hotel Food & Beverage Trends

Evolving consumer trends and dining behaviors are reshaping the hotel and accommodations industry. In this article we cover six hotel F&B trends that are disrupting the paradigm and helping leaders reimaging lodging food and beverage.

Hotel Food and Beverage Marketing

Celebrating holidays can be a great way to bring in additional revenue by increasing guest count and average transaction value. We present 36 successful examples of hotels employing holiday marketing to boost exposure and F&B sales and also some hotel F&B tips for neighborhood marketing.

Hotel Food and Beverage Promotions

Global tourism arrivals reached 1.4 billion travelers in 2019. Visitors are getting more refined and seeking out restaurants that can satisfy their epicurean inclinations. We present some hotel F&B promotions that can inspire some ideas to attract epicures.

Hotel Bar Promotions

Margins from alcohol sales can be significantly higher than those from food. We present five examples of hotel bar promotions that were successful to bring in additional guests, achieve national media coverage, and increased sales with little investment.

Hotel Restaurant Designs

We present examples of innovative hotel restaurant designs that maximized their available space, improved revenue with higher table turnover, and achieved excellent guest scores.

We’ve helped some of the world’s largest hotel chains (including a $16 billion global company that currently claims more than 6,000 venues) strengthen their F&B programs. Our team knows firsthand that those industry players who can make moves away from the traditional sub-par in-room or on-site dining experience — and take a page from the traditional restaurant industry — will woo guests and locals alike.

We have developed both corporate brand standards and decentralized marketing programs for foodservice operations across every inhabited continent. Our multi-disciplined team brings an unmatched, unique skillset, ensuring brand standards while encouraging and enabling buy-in at all levels. No other consultancy has a more holistic and experienced view of how all functional areas and departments of a foodservice operation combine and work together to produce a unique experience.


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