Restaurant Marketing

20 Most Common Restaurant Marketing Mistakes

The average restaurant spends between three to six percent of total revenue on marketing. While this is a generally acceptable amount, what’s often far less evident is where to invest these funds. This list could easily be a mile long, but here are a few of the most common restaurant marketing mistakes

Chipotle: A Love Story or Competitor Loathing?

We anticipated a heart-tugging video from Chipotle this summer, but not quite this one. Surely, after the loss of nearly $12 billion in market capitalization from a series of food safety blunders, the anticipated video would be about taking responsibility for ones’ actions and taking measures to improve personally. Nope.

15 Ramadan Promotions that Worked

Ramadan, or the holy month of fasting and abstinence, is feted in all Muslim countries around the world. But as the diaspora continues to grow stronger — Muslims are the fastest-growing major religious group, projected to grow 70% between 2015–2060 (compared to 32% global population growth) — many brands are

28 Essential Restaurant Marketing Tips and Tactics

Restaurant and bar marketing tips and ideas lists are often either overly tactical or strategic, rarely blending the two together in a way that is comprehensive and practical. We have rounded up 28 essential restaurant marketing tips – marketing tips, tactics, and ‘mandatories‘ that we suggest should be a part of

How to Breathe Fresh Life Into a Stale Restaurant Brand

Restaurant brands need to be refreshed every few years or they start to grow mold like expired bread. So, how about your brand?  Is it as fresh as your bread?  As relevant as the latest technologies your core audiences are using? Today’s tech-savvy consumers expect their smartphone provider to come

Olfactory Logos: Why Your Restaurant Needs One

In 2008, Starbucks introduced heated breakfast sandwiches to its menu in order to increase early morning business. Unfortunately, the smell of reheated, processed food overpowered the glorious scent of freshly ground coffee (the olfactory logo once associated with the coffee chain), altering the ambience Starbucks prides itself on and causing

4 Ingenious Restaurant Marketing Ideas from Chipotle

Chipotle has long been known for their marketing ideas. Recognizing the need to be competitive, the restaurant uses creative marketing techniques to ensure that it gets its piece of the pie. Chipotle realized that there was a great cause marketing opportunity in issues surrounding sustainability, animal welfare and, generally, food

7 More Examples of Lunch Marketing

Lunch is an important time for restaurateurs. From major chains to small operations, these 7 restaurants present interesting ideas and ways to market this mid-day meal. Check out these 7 creative examples of lunch marketing.

8 Restaurant Marketing Campaigns That Bombed

Getting creative with your restaurant marketing is usually a good idea. Unfortunately not every idea is a good idea, as these stories will attest. Here are 8 examples of some of restaurant marketing campaigns that bombed.

Chipotle Scares Up Success With New Marketing Campaign

Following up with the 2011 success of their “Back to the Start” campaign, Chipotle has released their newest ad – the Scarecrow. This haunting commercial follows the story of the Scarecrow, an industrial farm worker who rebels against the status quo by spurning current farming techniques and selling fresh, locally