Restaurant Marketing

Guests buy drinks on Bar Louie’s mobile app

13 Mobile Restaurant Marketing Examples

Restaurant ordering is changing. According to a study by the Interactive Advertising Bureau, 69% of those surveyed have placed orders using a mobile device, with

19 Restaurant Marketing Ideas

Gone are the days when TV spots, radio and print ads were the only ways to generate brand visibility. Restaurant marketing has evolved into a

7 Tips for How to Market a Restaurant with LinkedIn

Social networking does not have to cost you money, but it does cost time. But you shouldn’t waste a lot of it deciding which social networking tools are best to promote your restaurant business. Each tool has a unique personality, and each provides you with access to different benefits.

Restaurant SEO: How Search Works

While many of us use a search engine every day, we often think of doing searches to find what we need versus thinking of how

Restaurant Marketing: Be the “Only”

Betterness is subjective.  We have all seen “best burgers in town”, “world’s best margarita here”, or the most dreaded “we have good food, good service

Restaurant Marketing with Foursquare

There are at current count at least one dozen websites you absolutely MUST be involved in to remain competitive as a restaurant in the world

Google Places for Restaurants

If you have not added your business to Google Places, you should soon. Being found online is as important as having a sign out front

Restaurant Consulting Has Its Rough Parts

An attempt to implement FourSquare for a client offers insight as to what restaurant consulting is really like.  Largely, it is about activating the existing

Marketing to Kids

Millennials are now a larger audience, and arguably more profitable audience for restaurant marketers, than even Baby Boomers. As a result, restaurant marketing strategies and

Restaurant Marketing

Restaurant Marketing Restaurant marketing is both an art and a science that is shrouded in mystery for far too many restaurant owners. Unfortunately, many advertising

Happy Hour Restaurant Marketing

A well-conceived happy hour marketing plan can drive new trial, frequency, check average, party size, and reinforce important brand attributes.

Restaurant Fundraising Options

Because many investors consider restaurants to be risky business ventures, restaurant fundraising for a new concept can be challenging. Restaurateurs need to find financial backers,

restaurant POS aids the restaurant accounting software to give restaurateur's valuable statistics

Restaurant Accounting Software

Where the typical restaurateur’s financial expertise lacks, restaurant accounting software can pick up the slack.  Most restaurateurs find their way into the industry because of

America’s Eating Habits

Denny’s will soon be launching a Fried Cheese Melt and a reporter with the Christian Science Monitor asked me a few questions while working on