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How Restaurants Can Please the Members of Generation Z

Generation Z is expected to reach 2.56 billion individuals globally by 2020, accounting for 32.8% of the world’s population. It is also soon to be the largest demographic in the United States, expected to surpass millennials in 2019 to account for 32% of the population.  Millennials dine out more often

Factors Impacting the Present and Future of the Saudi Arabian Foodservice Industry

On August 5, 2018, the Saudi Foreign Ministry announced that it would expel the Canadian ambassador from Saudi Arabia, recall its own ambassador from Ottawa, cancel future Saudi Arabia state airline flights to Toronto, withdraw Saudi students and medical patients, and suspend “all new trade and investment transactions”with the nation

Three Restaurant Industry Trends Executives Can’t Stop Talking About

The most effective restaurant CEOs take a holistic approach to running their operations: while they have a solid grasp on the most granular details, they contextualize this data within the business and its goals as a whole. Because of this unique perspective on the hospitality industry, the ideas that come

Convenience Driving Sales in Burger Segment

The better burger craze has been one of the more remarkable fast food trends of the past decade. Now, the burger segment has turned into a David-Goliath matchup, with Shake Shack dominating Average Unit Volume (AUV) and McDonald’s dominating total sales size. Unlike in the story, however, Goliath seems most

Restaurant Margins are Shrinking in the Middle East. Here’s How to Respond.

The foodservice industry is a game of inches. With average restaurant margins falling between 3% and 5% profitability, chain leaders face incredible pressure to increase revenue, optimize costs, and make their operations more efficient. This is a skill GCC foodservice companies will soon have to master. Even though these foodservice

European Fast Food: Where to Grow and Where to Be Cautious

The European fast food landscape is being affected by many of the same trends as the North American segment, but important differences in projected growth, chain penetration, size of the economy, and nation-specific consumer preferences call for tailor-made strategies for each market. Consumers across Europe cite feeling too time constrained

Fastest-Growing Small Concepts On Trend for Health-Conscious & Thirsty Diners

Looking at the 50 fastest-growing small concepts always provides new insights into consumer preferences and the overall industry landscape. At the same time, it can help investors recognize what’s hot and understand which expansion rates are feasible. Two things jump out of this list. First, one of the major trends

Macroeconomic Trends and the UAE Food and Beverage Industry

After a sharp decline in oil prices produced several years of macroeconomic slowdown, the UAE is projected to continue to have modest economic growth in 2018 but recover to 3% growth next year. Despite the sluggish economy, the UAE food and beverage industry has experienced consistent growth over the past

The Canadian Restaurant Industry Is Changing. Here’s How to Keep Up.

Last summer, a group of Tim Hortons franchisees, known as the Great White North Franchisee Association (GWNFA), took their parent company, Restaurant Brands International Inc. (RBI), to court. The restaurant owners filed two lawsuits, alleging that RBI misused marketing fees, tried to intimidate franchisees into submission, and failed to help