Menu Strategy: Naming Menu Items Creatively

Naming menu items creatively can help express the brand personality and positioning in your menu strategy in a compelling way. You can show your core values or be playful and interesting. We also give some tips and examples to help illustrate the point for you. Read on for more.

Menu Strategy: Naming Menu Items Creatively

Expressing Brand Positioning

You can name your items to express your brand positioning. For instance, if you are committed to sustainable farming, perhaps the “Chicken Parmesan” could be called the “Free-Range Chicken Parmesan.” (That’s probably the least creative example that could be used here, but it’s hopefully illustrative nonetheless.)

Expressing Brand Personality

An easy way to express your brand personality is to add in descriptive and creative adjectives. In addition to working in adjectives that better describe the item, you could also try other variations like naming an item after guest, famous local, or important growing region.

Menu Item Names and Copywriting

Menu item names and copywriting are two of the best ways to communicate your brand personality, positioning strategy, promise, and story.

NOTE: One of the areas of law that will really heat up in the future is Intellectual Property. It’s an area of law concerned with protecting ideas, copyrights, patents and the like. So, once you have those really fun and unique names, consider getting them protected (much the way McDonald’s did with the Big Mac and Burger King did with the Whopper).