Middle East

MENA Restaurant Industry Insights

As one of the fastest-growing foodservice markets in the world, the Middle East has been a region of opportunity for many restaurant chains — both for companies based locally and others from around the world. Changing market conditions, nationalization programs and increasing costs, normalizing margins, and oftentimes weak comps are

Factors Impacting the Present and Future of the Saudi Arabian Foodservice Industry

On August 5, 2018, the Saudi Foreign Ministry announced that it would expel the Canadian ambassador from Saudi Arabia, recall its own ambassador from Ottawa, cancel future Saudi Arabia state airline flights to Toronto, withdraw Saudi students and medical patients, and suspend “all new trade and investment transactions”with the nation

Restaurant Margins are Shrinking in the Middle East. Here’s How to Respond.

The foodservice industry is a game of inches. With average restaurant margins falling between 3% and 5% profitability, chain leaders face incredible pressure to increase revenue, optimize costs, and make their operations more efficient. This is a skill GCC foodservice companies will soon have to master. Even though these foodservice

Macroeconomic Trends and the UAE Food and Beverage Industry

After a sharp decline in oil prices produced several years of macroeconomic slowdown, the UAE is projected to continue to have modest economic growth in 2018 but recover to 3% growth next year. Despite the sluggish economy, the UAE food and beverage industry has experienced consistent growth over the past

Coffee in the Middle East: A Growing Segment

Coffee has long been a part of Middle Eastern culture and, in recent years, chains have caught on, opening a flurry of coffee shops in thriving regions like the UAE and Saudi Arabia. Starbucks alone touts nearly 600 stores in 12 Middle Eastern and North African countries employing more than

The Factors Affecting the UAE Restaurant Industry

The United Arab Emirates (UAE), a federation of seven states, combines a rich history with thriving metropolitan areas — making it one of the Middle East’s most important economic centers. The owners, operators, and investors in UAE restaurant chains have reaped the rewards of its shifting demographics and its thriving

Who’s Who Among Public GCC Restaurant and Hospitality Companies

A slew of headlines have plagued the GCC in recent months — many related to poor economic conditions brought on by political issues and sagging oil prices. GCC restaurant stocks have been impacted but, despite the recent problems, the region (and the hospitality sector in particular) continues to experience growth,

Factors Affecting The Kuwait Restaurant Industry

The Kuwait restaurant industry is shaped by a number of factors, including macroeconomic conditions, technological trends, and the investment/M&A climate. As incomes rise and the tourism sector is set to expand, the country’s F&B sector is set for further growth. Below, a few of the factors affecting the Kuwait restaurant

Saudi Arabia’s Fast Food Segment Continues to Grow

Eating out and shopping are the main entertainment activities in Saudi Arabia, making the region a hotbed of potential for restaurant operators and investors looking to get in to the F&B sector. High disposable incomes mean that consumers can trade up, eat out and order food more often; increased travel