Middle East

6 Unique Restaurants in the Middle East

In the Middle East, going out to eat is an important part of socializing. As the restaurant industry is growing, restaurateurs are looking for new ways to set themselves apart from other establishments. The following are 6 unique restaurants in the Middle East. From creating a new take on “dinner

9 Bars in the Middle East Worth Checking Out

Bars in the Middle East might sound like a strange idea to some Westerners, as alcohol is banned in many of the region’s countries (like Saudi Arabia and Kuwait), but Middle East bar concepts run the gamut from industrial grunge to idyllic beach scenes.

Restaurant Regulations in the Middle East to Consider Before Expanding

So you’re looking to expand to the Middle East? Good idea. But before you make the decision, remember that there are a set of cultural and legal ecosystems you’ll need to consider. This list should be a good start to getting you oriented in restaurant regulations in the Middle East,

A Brief Overview of the Restaurant Industry in Bahrain

The restaurant industry in Bahrain is growing along with a rising demand for dining out. This non-OPEC, oil exporting country also has perhaps the best free market economy in the Middle East, according to a 2013 Economy Freedom Index, making it a great place to invest in the restaurant business.

Big Plans Unfolding for Hospitality Industry in Israel

Though political instability slowed tourism in Israel at the end of 2012, the market is experiencing growth — and they have big plans for the future. Thinking about investing? Consider these statistics on the hospitality industry in Israel:

Nitaqat’s Effect on the Saudi Arabian Restaurant Industry

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia faces a 12.2 percent unemployment rate, equivalent to that of a nation in the throes of a recession, but the Kingdom’s GDP has quadrupled: from $143 billion in 1999 to $727 billion in 2012. Non-Saudi unemployment, however, has fallen about eighty percent, meaning the jobs