Restaurant Design Budgets at Any Level or Size

Whether restaurant design budgets are in the Planet Hollywood range or merely mom-and-pop-sized, it’s possible to create an unforgettable dining experience for guests. All you need is a wealth of creative thinking, a meticulous strategic plan and expert advice to help you squeeze the most value out of your restaurant design budget.

How Big is Your Restaurant Design Budget?

It is true that restaurant design budgets are swelling as eateries rely on visual senses and mood-evoking interiors to stand out from the competitive pack and generate repeat visits. Restaurant design budgets should include elements that make the eatery exciting, vibrant and memorable. Of course, exciting, vibrant and memorable mean different things to different target audiences.

With an overarching emphasis on dining as entertainment, large restaurant design budgets make room for all the proverbial bells and whistles. Abundant restaurant design budgets imagine expensive features like indoor waterfalls, eclectic art, imported furniture and otherwise swanky décor.

The Biggest Bang for Your Buck

However, even independent restaurateurs are finding ways to stretch restaurant design budgets to include elements that offer the biggest bang for their bucks. But companies with slim restaurant design budgets need to pay extra special attention to low-cost strategies like the all-important color palate.

Saving a few dollars in one column of the restaurant design budget can free up additional funds in another column. Experienced restaurant designers can identify areas of potential cost savings to help you make the most of your investment. In some cases, your actual inventory can become part and parcel of your restaurant design.

Fruition, a fruit smoothie concept in Miami, Fla., illustrates the point. The owners relied on the eatery’s unique selling point, exotic fruit, to establish a color palette that would differentiate it from other smoothie concepts. Fruition’s guests may feel like they have been transported to a third world fruit market. The use of exotic fruit displayed throughout the restaurant and a custom color palate based on the foreign produce make an eye pleasing – and appetite stirring – impact on guests. And cost savings made funds available in the restaurant design budget for custom booths.

Restaurant Design Budgets at Any Level

High or low, restaurant design budgets should make room for expert consultants because experience breeds cost savings. Your restaurant design budget may include elite décor or an eclectic mix, but leave it to experienced consultants to help you make the most of your restaurant design budget at any level.