Restaurant Management

How Domino’s Turnaround Gained Nearly $12b in Enterprise Value

Any pizzeria owner or chain executives who keeps up with the business news is likely more than a little green with envy (by now, probably emerald). The reason: Domino’s is killing it online. While over 75% of the US restaurant industry is still struggling to get its act together and

Private Equity Investment Overview for Restaurant Operators

How could you grow your business with a $50m private equity investment? Would you expand into new markets, roll out the prototypes you’ve been dreaming of, or deploy new technology to make it even easier for diners to get your food? We’re predicting a lot of activity in the lower middle-market

Darden & Texas Roadhouse Grow Sales By Adapting to Consumer Preferences

In early May, 2018, the largest Applebee’s franchisee in the country, RMH Franchise Holdings, filed for bankruptcy. Though its story offers another cautionary tale for those following the decline of casual-dining restaurants, two chains have projected sales growth and earnings-per-share increasing, proving our maxim that, even when everyone is down,

A Roundup of Restaurant Inventory Management Software

Consumers are evolving faster than the supply chain, with inventory management becoming increasingly problematic for restaurant operators and those who invest in chains. And the more money a chain has tied up in inventory, the harder it is to get a handle on lowering food costs. Lately, though, a slew

The Importance of Protecting A Restaurant’s Intellectual Property

Today, committing fraud is much easier — and more lucrative — than holding up a bank only to walk down the street minutes later with briefcases stuffed with $10,000 in cash. In a trade secret-intensive industry like restaurants, someone could effectively walk out of a company with some $1 million

What to Do When Sales Are Down

Even the savviest executives find themselves plagued by the persistent, nagging feeling that comes with negative restaurant chain sales and traffic. In the restaurant industry, that feeling is amplified. Tonight, there will be dozens of CEOs who go to bed stressed out, worried what the board will say after yet

4 Ways Trump Will Impact Restaurants

Trying to determine the Trump impact on restaurants and foodservice is a difficult task. Will deportations (or that “big, beautiful wall” Trump promised) lead to higher food costs down the road? Will restaurant CEOs usher in an era of fewer regulations, all while climate change affects crop yields? A lot hangs in

25 Scary Things Keeping Restaurant CEOs Awake at Night

One thing is for certain – there’s a lot more uncertainty in the world today. And it’s having an impact on not just the economy around the world, but the restaurant business and sleeping habits of restaurant CEOs forced to contend with increasingly complex challenges brought on by globalization and

20 Most Common Restaurant Service Mistakes

Employees are the face of a restaurant. Every interaction employees communicates to guests – whether by design or default. Wait staff should be courteous, welcoming, warm and should represent the brand above all else. Here are some of the most common restaurant service mistakes that we see. 1. POOR GREETINGS

7 Essential Labor Optimization Strategies

While the minimum wage debate and new overtime rulings in the United States dominate pundit panels on business talk shows and in the pages of trade publications, the worry among restaurateurs that labor costs will climb swiftly in the coming years is not confined to America. It’s a worldwide concern