Restaurant Management

25 Questions That Can Lower Your Food Costs

There’s little that a fireman loves more professionally than putting out fires. So, imagine a fire brigade getting an emergency call that there’s a fire, but no indication of where it is and no way of tracing back the location; no smoke on the horizon, no glare in the night

Chipotle: A Love Story or Competitor Loathing?

We anticipated a heart-tugging video from Chipotle this summer, but not quite this one. Surely, after the loss of nearly $12 billion in market capitalization from a series of food safety blunders, the anticipated video would be about taking responsibility for ones’ actions and taking measures to improve personally. Nope.

Drive Thru Key to Chick-fil-A Out-Performing McDonald’s

  McDonald’s announced earlier this year that they’ve plugged their most gushing wounds through steps CEO Steve Easterbrook cites as “bold, urgent action.” It is true that U.S. same-store sales (sales for locations open at least 13 months) were up 5.7 percent in Q4 2015 and global sales increased five percent

The Cost of Pissed Off Employees, Quantified

In the U.S., 56 percent of workers would rather find another job than be promoted by their company. How many employees, when asked candidly, would honestly recommend their employer as a place to work? A place to eat? And are companies putting as much importance behind these statistics as they

5 Causes of and Solutions to the Restaurant Noise Epidemic

Would you sit a party of four at their booth and then ask them: “Do you mind if this construction worker uses a jackhammer beside you whilst you eat?” Of course not. Fact is, though, this evening in restaurants across LA and New York, diners are being put through torturous

30 Common Restaurant Server Mistakes

What do your servers say about your business? A great staff embodies the brand of a restaurant, but a bad egg can tarnish the establishment’s reputation in just one dinner service. Following are 30 common restaurant server mistakes, in terms of hygiene, guest interaction, and professionalism.

Thank You For Paying: The Growing Dine and Dash Trend

Whatever happened to washing dishes if you couldn’t cover your bill? Running from a restaurant before paying (a.k.a. dine and dash) seemed to be a rare thing in the past. But we’ve come across more and more stories that might point to a growing number of these ultimate restaurant cheapskates.

The Case for Giving More Than Expected

When was the last time you left a restaurant or hotel feeling more at ease and content than when you arrived? Where you found yourself telling your wife, coworkers, and complete strangers about this amazing meal or hotel stay. What made the experience so memorable? Sure, I imagine the food,

Empathetic Listening: A Crucial Message for Hospitality’s Front Lines

Empathetic listening is the most important skill for your front line employees to master. It’s more than simply hearing a guest’s complaints and acting according to a training manual script – it’s being a compassionate, understanding and potentially life-altering champion toward dispute resolution and your overall message of hospitality.

Restaurant Recession

Recessions aren’t fun for most people, but restaurateurs stand to benefit from the economic dip in many ways. Recruitment and cost cutting are just two.