Restaurant Management

The Best Qualities of an Entrepreneur: Impatience

What are the best qualities of an entrepreneur? A hunger to succeed and thirst for results dubs some CEOs impatient. But is that such a bad thing? What Are the Best Qualities of an Entrepreneur? People often tell me that I walk too fast. I’ll be out walking somewhere with

Top 10 Ways NOT to Cut Costs at Your Restaurant

This is the second of a two-part series on restaurant cost cutting tips – the first article was the Top 10 Ways to Cut Costs at Your Restaurant. Here, we’ll explore some examples of what NOT to do when looking to cut costs. Especially in this economy, every restaurateur is

Top 10 Ways to Cut Costs at Your Restaurant

A penny saved is a penny earned. And for every way to spend money on your restaurant, you can find ways to cut costs at your restaurant. The recession of 2009 continues to siphon spirits from the beleaguered restaurant industry in 2010.  After decades of positive consecutive sales growth, the

Restaurant Business Plan

A restaurant business plan is an opportunity to bring your concept to life on paper. It provides an outlet to express your passion for your idea and sell others on it, too. A business plan has two primary purposes: to attract potential investors and to provide a guideline for opening

Restaurant Financial Analysis

Often times, the only difference between floating and drowning is the direction you’re facing. Without restaurant financial analysis, a restaurant may be face down without even knowing it. Restaurant financial analysis analyzes performance metrics such as profits and losses, cash flow, cost of sales and cost of labor. By assessing this

Restaurant POS

A restaurant POS system, or point-of-sale system, is more than just a glorified cash register.  A restaurant POS is a touch-screen computer that enables, records, and charts all transactions made within a restaurant. Even less-complex models have the capacity for fully-integrated accounting, inventory management, service management, customer relations management (CRM), real time