Valentine’s Day Restaurant Marketing Infographic

Just how important is Valentine’s Day to guests around the world? This infographic includes fascinating facts and figures to inspire your Valentine’s Day restaurant marketing and promotions. With women as the driving force behind this holiday, their opinions might make or break a reservation at your restaurant. What matters most to them? Do you know?

Valentine's Day Restaurant Marketing Infographic

Valentine’s Day Restaurant Marketing Facts

The celebration of Valentine’s Day in various cultures around the world creates an opportunity for restaurateurs to engage guests and drive footfalls. Facts don’t lie, but they don’t tell the whole truth. While it’s important for restaurateurs to know that 35% of women want to celebrate Valentine’s Day by dining out, the point to focus on is that 82% of women said they’d like an “experience” rather than a gift for the holiday. What the “experiences” entail, and how expensive they are, is unclear. Restaurants run the gamut from playing a couple’s song to serving them aphrodisiacs. If you’d like some inspiration, these 20 Sweet Examples of Restaurant Promotions for Valentine’s Day are a good place to start.

Valentine’s Day restaurant marketing techniques and examples may encourage guests to share this special night with you. But remember it’s just as important to create an experience for them every day all year round. Statistics show that 42% of couples will dine at their favorite restaurant on Valentine’s Day, so make sure you’re they’re favorite every day by always giving them that little something extra.