Internship Program

It’s been our observation that too many internship programs treat participants as go-fers. We know how to fetch our own dry cleaning, thank you very much. We also know a lot about global restaurant marketing, and we’re willing to help our interns learn the industry from the inside.

The entry-level internship is an unpaid 12-week semester requiring 10 to 20 hours per week. You’ll be called upon to produce a weekly project and a report at semester’s end. The best interns will be invited to return for a second, paid semester, which may be renewed or transformed into a part-time or full-time position with Aaron Allen and Associates. The internships are available worldwide and do not require coming in to an office. Those participating in Budapest, however, will have the option of working out of the office there. In addition, those who perform exceptionally well during the first 12- week intern semester may be invited to travel to Budapest for a semester abroad and soaking up all that Central Europe has to offer.

Interested? Fill out our application form to apply. Because of the volume of applications we receive, we cannot respond personally to all queries.