Opening a Restaurant

opening a restaurant

We help stack the odds in your favor.​

Questions We Help Answer​

  1. What are the typical timelines? Budgets? Costs to open a restaurant?
  2. Do you believe our concept will work? How can we improve it? Have we missed anything?
  3. Who should we hire and when? What other advisors will we need that you recommend?
  4. What are the common mistakes we should avoid? Best practices to build in?
  5. How can we best harness new technology and emerging consumer dining trends?
And more, like:
  • Concept – Have we overlooked any important restaurant profitability pits?
  • Location – What selection criteria should we apply to finding a great location?
  • Positioning – Have we done enough to differentiate our concept?
  • Menu – How many items should we have? How do we price our menu?
  • Staffing – When should we start hiring? How can we optimize labor?
  • Investment – What would an investor typically want to see and review?
  • Technology – What types of technology should we start with?
  • Point of Sale – What are the best types of POS companies for new restaurants?
  • Opening Costs – How much should we budget for the whole project overall?
  • Design – What restaurant design best practices we should factor in?
  • Marketing – What are the best practices for marketing a new restaurant?
  • Grand Opening – Should we do a soft or grand opening?
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Services Include

Opening a Restaurant?

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