Restaurant Branding

We can all agree that restaurant branding matters. Everything communicates, whether by design or default. All the little experiences define the whole from every touch-point. Conceptualizing and realizing a top-tier dining experience requires more than putting together a tasty menu. You have to entice customers with a purpose and promise and to deliver on that promise. Wow guests with your restaurant’s particular panache.


Every executive and agency seems to throw around the phrase “restaurant brand” a lot and champion its importance. But when you ask them to define their restaurant brand – or even better, ask the entire executive team to define it independently and then compare their responses – it’s alarming just how far the stakeholders may be in their understanding of effective restaurant branding strategy and its application.

So what exactly is restaurant branding? Is it just the standard pretty logo and catchy jingle a traditional agency conjures up in their typical approach? Of course not. It is a nuanced art as well as a science. Today’s great restaurant branding is about marrying the marketing with the operations. The best brands don’t mindlessly copy trends and espouse gimmicks. These brands have a clear purpose and reason for being, based on research and innovation, operating on the belief that hospitality can help make the world a better place.

  • Brand Audits
  • Brand Strategy
  • Brand Framework
  • Brand Revitalization Initiatives
  • Brand Personality
  • Brand Story
  • Differentiation & Positioning Strategy
  • Brand Turnarounds
  • Brand Reboots
  • International Brand Expansion
  • Brand Portfolio Strategies
  • Corporate & Brand Identity
  • Concept Statements & Taglines
  • Brand Standards
  • Company Culture Manifesto
  • Specialized Support for Emerging & Expanding Brands
  • Sensory Branding
  • Concept Repositioning
  • Brand Management