Global Restaurant Consultant

Global restaurant consultancy Aaron Allen & Associates has advised foodservice clients collectively posting more than $200 billion in revenue — spanning 100+ countries and 6 inhabited continents with tens of thousands of restaurant locations.

Aaron Allen & Associates advises many of the largest and most successful foodservice and hospitality companies globally with an unparalleled breadth and depth of experience across categories, cuisines, geographies, functional areas, ownership types, service styles, operating platforms, and phases of the business lifecycle.

The firm serves restaurant operators (often multi-national, multi-brand portfolios), franchisors and franchisees, private equity, venture capital, family offices, and other foodservice investors, hotel food and beverage, restaurant technology companies and suppliers, and developers.

Third-generation restaurateur and restaurant consultant Aaron Allen, our founder and chief strategist, serves as C-Suite confidant and senior advisor to industry leaders with tens of thousands of locations and millions of managers and employees in their downstream influence. Aaron has personally led boots-on-the-ground assignments in 70 countries for clients ranging from start-ups to multinational companies posting more than $37 billion in annual sales across segments and categories (from QSR to fast-casual to casual dining to fine dining, contract foodservice, hotels, and restaurant technology).

What the Restaurant Consultant Team at Aaron Allen & Associates Can Do for You

Plan a Profitable Path Forward

As you think about objectives, strategies, budgets, and resource allocations for the next 3–5 years, benefit from a fresh perspective.

Make Smart Investments

Whether you are buy-side or sell-side, the market is hot, the stakes are high, and quality restaurant advisors are worth their weight in gold. This

Reinvigorate Brand Strategy

Refresh and revitalize. Restore relevance and reverence. Both the tech and restaurant industries share the same consumer, so it’s time the restaurant industry started getting used to the idea of continuous innovation.

Earn Top-Quartile Returns

We are a top-line-oriented organization that is fanatical about driving revenue in a way that works both in the short-term (with quick-hits programs) and over the long term (growing revenue and enterprise value without sacrifices to margins).

Frequently Asked Questions

Restaurant consulting consists of professional services to solve restaurants problems, identify opportunities, and help them achieve their goals. It can range from assisting independents to large chains and the issues that require assistance range widely from concept design to menu optimization to identifying real estate where to expand to finding investment opportunities in new brands or new geographies.

While in some cases restaurant consultants work alone, the best restaurant consultants would work with a team of experts across functional areas of the business to be able to tailor the team to the client needs.

The responsibilities of a restaurant consultant could range from ideation of the strategy and big picture to tactical plans to implementation and execution.

Usually, restaurant consultants assist in specific functional areas (back-of-house operations, marketing, construction, labor, finance & accounting, legal, openings), though the most holistic practices offer a wide range of services combining experts in several areas.

As with most professional services, consulting fees vary depending on the quality and depth of work, experience, team involved, and geography. The most experienced consultants do not usually work for hourly or daily fees but work instead on projects or engagements that allow for work on lasting, efficient, sustainable solutions.

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