Globally Experienced. Locally Relevant.

Global Restaurant Consultants

We are committed to delivering unparalleled results for clients posting anywhere between $10 million and $10+ billion in revenues. Owing to the immense complexity of the restaurant industry, Aaron Allen has developed a unique, holistic approach to consulting work that relies on equal parts chemistry and collaboration with each client. No other restaurant consultants takes this type of integrated approach to uncovering your real needs. Nor do they have the expertise available to implement or operationalize a cross-functional action plan.

Whether you’re looking to translate your global brand into a new regional market, build a new brand from scratch, evolve a plateaued concept or just need help with day-to-day marketing, finance or operations, we are here to serve. Industry leaders come to us with diverse needs that only a nimble team of multi-functional experts can deliver. We’re a one-stop-shop (and secret ingredient) for leading restaurant and hospitality companies around the world when they’re in need of a solid solution to a complex problem. We’re the experienced and committed partner to guide brands with purpose and potential through the most important and meaningful initiatives their companies have ever embarked on.