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If you’re holding a conference, seminar or company meeting and you’re in a restaurant-related industry, then Aaron Allen is the most dynamic and knowledgeably professional speaker and restaurant industry strategist you’ll find. His speeches are meant not just to inspire, but also to provoke action that leads to better business. He pulls from his extensive experience as a restaurant consultant, media source, and international dining trends expert to offer real-life stories of restaurant brands he’s helped launch and reinvigorate.

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The new reality of a digitally connected, constantly online world presents new challenges for restaurateurs. A casual, offhand negative comment from a disgruntled guest can be seen by tens of thousands of people and undo the best marketing efforts in a nanosecond. But it also presents new opportunities. Using detailed graphics to clearly decode a confounding topic, Aaron Allen will show you not only how to defend your brand against Internet trolls but also how to take a proactive stance and put the various platforms of the digital revolution to work for your benefit — without making it a huge time suck.
It’s defined as “the friendly and generous reception and entertainment of guests, visitors and strangers,” but somehow the meaning of hospitality has been lost. Suddenly, the hospitality industry isn’t so hospitable. And guests are noticing. Those who can motivate their staffs to return to the friendly and generous reception will have an advantage over the competition. Aaron Allen shows you how in this tailored presentation.
The restaurant model hasn’t changed in a hundred years. You offer food for sale, the guest comes in, eats it, pays for it, and then leaves. But everything about that transaction, from what food is served, how it’s prepared, how the guest finds out about it, and even how they pay for it, is subject to the latest trends. The key is not just staying on top of the trends but staying in front of them. With his unique perspective on the inside workings of the industry, Aaron Allen knows which trends are worth your time and which are passing fancies, and he’ll show you how to tell the difference.
Global restaurant consultant Aaron Allen has created dozens of new restaurant prototypes for leading restaurant and hospitality companies around the world, and he has engineered successful concept and design makeovers for independents and major chains. In this fast-paced 90-minute session designed for industry innovators, Allen will share his insights and methodologies on budgeting and establishing a timeline — and sticking to both; understanding the lifecycle of a restaurant and putting it to your advantage; and how to bake the marketing right into the design. He’ll also explain “sensory branding” and “experience design,” two concepts he is pioneering in the restaurant industry. Through examples of success stories and failures, Allen will show you the holistic approach that produces short and long-term success, improved sales and profits, and the ideal guest experience.
And because he’s lived his whole life in the restaurant industry, he’s able to address the concerns and spur the motivations of everyone from line-level staff to senior executives. He’s particularly skilled at establishing broad support for company missions and persuading upper management to embrace a new strategy. Allen will also research your company or organization and customize his speech to address your particular needs and situation. His mission is to improve your business by giving your attendees the tools to work smarter. Whether serving as your opening speaker or closing keynote for a 500-plus audience, or facilitating an intimate executive retreat, Allen ensures the entire audience leaves invigorated. He doesn’t give a boilerplate talk. He talks to you.

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Through examples of success stories and failures, Allen will show you the holistic approach that produces short and long-term success, improved sales and profits, and the ideal guest experience.

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