Fees & Logistics

[pricing_table][pricing column=4 featured=”no” title=”Domestic (Continental USA)” price=”$10,000*”][/pricing] [pricing column=4 featured=”no” title=”Western Europe, Central America, Hawaii, Alaska, Caribbean, Canada” price=”$15,000*”][/pricing] [pricing column=4 featured=”no” title=”Middle East, Eastern Europe, Russia, South America” price=”$20,000*”][/pricing] [pricing column=4 featured=”no” title=”Asia, India, Australia, Africa” price=”$25.000*”][/pricing][/pricing_table]   *Fee is based on day-rate and up to two (2) sixty-minute speeches may be selected.  There is no discount, however, if only one speech is given.  If speeches are required on multiple days or more than two are requested in a single day there will be an increase in total fee.

Fees & Logistics – Non-Profits & Trade Organizations:

On occasion, Aaron Allen does provide his speaking services pro-bono to select non-profit, trade and charitable organizations.  If you believe your event warrants pro-bono services because of its unique mission to improve our industry or a disadvantaged group of individuals, please contact us with more details so that we may consider your request.

Fees & Logistics – Audio/Video Recording:

To record Aaron Allen’s presentation will require a 50% increase to the total speaking fee.  Aaron Allen maintains the full copyrights to the recorded speech, but will grant a limited and revocable license to reproduce and distribute the recording.  Selling or distributing the full recording to anyone other than attendees of the presentation is prohibited.

Fees & Logistics – Travel:

Aaron Allen travels from Orlando or Tampa, Florida.  Flights less than three (3) hours will be booked at economy.  Flights three (3) and in excess of three (3) hours will be booked as Business Class.  When possible, speaker prefers to fly Delta, American, or United.

Fees & Logistics – Accommodations: 

Speaker prefers Starwood brand hotels (Westin, Sheraton, W, Element, St. Regis, Le Meridian) when available in destination city.  Check-in will be booked for the night before the speech and include accommodation for the full day of the speech (i.e. two-day minimum).  This is to ensure that your speaker arrives without travel delay and is rested and ready to give your audience a dynamic and high-energy presentation.

Fees & Logistics – Deposits:

A deposit of 50% of the total speaking fee is required to hold any dates.  Travel costs (including flight and hotel) will be estimated and paid in advance.  The balance of the speaking fee will be paid immediately upon speaker’s arrival, before the speaker’s final speech.  Payment should be made by company check, cashiers check, money order, or bank transfer.  Credit cards are not accepted, however, payment may also be made via PayPal using credit card if client pays for all associated transaction fees charged by PayPal.

Fees & Logistics – Hand-Outs & Slide Requests: 

Typically Aaron Allen does not produce or provide handouts to accompany his speeches.  Upon request, a copy of the presentation will be made available and provided from the speaker’s website.