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6 Unique Restaurants in the Middle East

In the Middle East, going out to eat is an important part of socializing. As the restaurant industry is growing, restaurateurs are looking for new ways to set themselves apart from other establishments. The following are 6 unique restaurants in the Middle East. From creating a new take on “dinner and a movie” to eating in a former jail, these restaurants know how to stand out.

Unique Restaurants in the Middle East

1. Movie and a Meal

This unique restaurant, Hatraklin, will bring you dinner and provide a night at the movies. Dinner is broken up into an 18-course meal. Each course is based on a different scene in the featured movie. Servers will bring each course when the corresponding scene is played. It’s a unique spin on the traditional date night.

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Source: Trip Advisor

2. Cool Hangout

This ice lounge, Chillout Café at Dubai, is the place to be in Dubai to beat the heat. The couches, chairs, and glasses are all made of ice in this chilly watering hole. The inside temperature sits at around 21 degrees Fahrenheit. They offer winter jackets for guests since no one carries them around in the 95-degree (Fahrenheit) heat outside. This is literally a cool concept.

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Source: Yahoo.com

3. Killer Sandwich

This military-themed restaurant, Buns and Guns, plays with stereotypes of war and political unrest in the Middle East. Everything follows the military theme, from the names of the meals – M16 Carbine Meat Sandwich and a Terrorist Meal – to the décor and helicopter sound that plays in the background.

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Source: Web Urbanist

4. Up in a Water Tower

This restaurant is unique for its location – it can be found 82 meters above sea level in a water tower. Ofok, or “Horizon,” serves an international buffet, brunches, and dinner in Kuwait.

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Source: Kuwait Towers

5. Prison Food

If you’ve ever been curious about the taste of prison food, then this restaurant, Galata House in Istanbul, is worth visiting. Okay, so they don’t really serve prison food and they’re no longer a real jail, but the original jail was in operation from 1904 to 1919. Since closing, it has been restored and now serves as a comfort food dining destination.

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Source: Serra Foodie

6. Coffee, Compositions, and Cuisine

For a meal in a hip, literary setting, this restaurant-pub, Books@cafe in Amman, is the place to go. While many bookstores around the world sell coffee, few have a full restaurant inside. The concept is a gathering place for people of all ages who are interested in reading, in the mood for delicious food, or just want to socialize.

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Source: The National

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