5 Bizarre Uniform Designs You’d Never Expect in a Restaurant

5 Bizarre Uniform Designs You’d Never Expect in a Restaurant

These days, restaurant uniforms are not boring, plain shirts and pants anymore. Creative marketers have come up with tons of unique restaurant theme ideas with accompanying uniform designs. Sometimes they go a little over the edge. Here are 5 bizarre uniform designs that you’d never expect to see in a restaurant.

Uniform Designs


Maid Uniform

Japanese geek culture is famous around the world. A restaurateur associated this concept with his own eatery to attract those guests. @home is a maid-themed café in Tokyo, Japan, where all of the female servers dress in cartoonish, stereotypical French maid uniforms. They also call the guests “master” and pose using Japanese anime style gestures.

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Source: NY Times.com


Night-Vision Goggles

These goggles are actually military equipment, but some restaurants are using them as a component of their uniforms. Pitch Black is a dark-themed restaurant in Beijing. All guests are required to have their meals in complete darkness. In this case, using night-vision goggles as part of the restaurant uniform ensures safety, but it sure looks bizarre.

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Source: Oddee.com



Usually, it’s bizarre to see condoms in a restaurant. This restaurant in Bangkok, Thailand has used condoms extensively in their uniforms and decorations, mainly for the purposes of branding and corporate social responsibility. The restaurant Cabbages and Condoms is actually supporting the Population and Community Development Association in Thailand for promoting the importance of family planning. Their slogan is “our food is guaranteed not to cause pregnancy.” The servers wear a giant condom on their head, and guests are welcomed to purchase condom-inspired t-shirts in the gift shop.

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Source: theatlanticcities.com



A Japanese-inspired ninja restaurant? You can actually find one, and it is not in Japan. In New York City, this ninja restaurant has been running for almost ten years. It still generates great buzz in the city. The whole restaurant is designed as a ninja house, and the servers dress and behave like actual ninjas. The food is typical fresh Japanese fare, but the most unique part of the dining experience is to appreciate the ninja culture, and to see ninjas serving sushi.


Flight Attendants

Ever eaten in a giant A380? This restaurant opened in Chongqing, China in 2012. It serves mostly seafood. Guests enjoy their foods in either first class or economy class dining cabin, and they can even use the call button on a real plane to get service. Of course, the servers are dressed as flight attendants complete with flight attendant uniforms.

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Source: travel.cnn.com

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