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Want to come work with us? Good, we’re hiring. What positions? You tell us. At Aaron Allen & Associates, we prefer to create positions around talented people, building on their particular strengths, rather than placing them into rigid job descriptions. So you tell us: what’s your ideal career path, and how can we help you achieve it. Fill out the form below and then send us a cover letter telling us more about yourself. Include some answers to the basic interview questions: “What are your strengths?” “What are your weaknesses?” “Why did you leave your last job?” — you know, the usual boring stuff. Then include some answers to the questions you wish you’d be asked in a job interview: “What would you do if you won the lottery?” “If you were a Super Hero, what would your special power be?” “How’d you get that scar?” We want to know about you and why you think you’d fit in with our roster of skilled professionals who have made Aaron Allen & Associates an industry leader.

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