We do our absolute best work when working on projects that are exciting, challenging, and commissioned by a client that has a compelling sense of purpose.  If you have such a project and would like to explore working together, please let us know.  What we do is based entirely on the client and situation – select an example to know more about our consulting expertise.

Consulting: Restaurant Concept Development

Creating new restaurant concept prototypes; leading the process from idea on a cocktail napkin to final designs, launch, and execution of national expansion strategies.

Consulting: Holistic Brand Strategy

Developing and articulating fully integrated programs that reflect the brand promise, positioning strategy and personality at every customer touchpoint.

Consulting: Franchise Services

Creating comprehensive and highly specialized sales and marketing programs for Regional Powerhouse brands, emerging chains, and growth companies launching in new markets.

Consulting: Brand Translation

Adapting an existing restaurant concept to grow in new foreign markets (i.e. US chains going abroad, and companies from abroad planting their brand flag in a new country).

Consulting: Jam Sessions

Facilitating executive level brainstorming sessions for companies seeking entirely fresh, new, creative, and invigorating ideas to introduce into a tired or stagnant system.

Consulting: Audits

Highly detailed and specific analysis of: operations, staff/labor, branding, growth strategy, financial performance, and other areas where fast and reliable trouble-shooting is needed.

Consulting: Training

Speeches, workshops, bootcamps, and creation of all-position-inclusive eLearning programs to improve training for large employers (500+ employees).

Consulting: Second Opinion

Called in by investors and private equity firms to analyze and make recommendations on buy/sell evaluations prior to an acquisition or divestiture.

Consulting: Master Planning

Conceptualizing the complete F&B component of large development projects such as resorts, mixed use developments, town centers and entertainment complexes.

Consulting: National Publicity

Conceptualize and execute media relations and publicity campaigns to garner local, regional, national and international press coverage and buzz.