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Aaron Allen is a 3rd generation restaurateur who has advised many of the most successful foodservice and hospitality companies globally in the areas of restaurant concept development, design, branding, marketing, and overall growth strategy.  Collectively, our clients post more than $100 billion in revenue, span all 6 inhabited continents and more than 100 countries with tens of thousands of locations.  Our restaurant consulting experience is as deep as any firm in the world, having addressed virtually every cuisine, culture, and circumstance a restaurant consultant can.

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    Restaurant Industry Facts

    • 15 Strange, Unique and Illegal Dishes Making the News

      September 9, 2013

      When adventurous diners head out to eat, they’re often seeking the unusual or original — but not this unusual. Here are 17 strange and illegal dishes making the news today. A BBC undercover project last September found illegal and...

    • Uncle Sam’s New Laws for Nutritional Disclosures at Restaurant Chains

      August 19, 2013

      The “health-conscious consumer” trend of seeking nutritional disclosures at restaurant chains has become law in the United States. New legislation requires chains with more than 20 locations to prominently display calorie counts on menu boards. Nutritional Disclosures at Restaurant...

    • Global Food Crisis

      March 9, 2011

      Economics and the principle of compounding help illustrate why the world will likely run out of food in our lifetime. Global Food Crisis Our current methods of industrial farming will not sustain the world’s population as it grows to...

    Restaurant Management

    • Banned: 6 Restaurant Regulations Forcing Restaurateurs to Change

      September 18, 2013

      Restaurant regulations can be difficult for restaurateurs to navigate. Here are six regulations forcing restaurants to adapt or pay the price. In July 2008, the LA City Council unanimously passed a law that banned the opening of new fast-food...

    • 30 Common Restaurant Server Mistakes

      What do your servers say about your business? A great staff embodies the brand of a restaurant, but a bad egg can tarnish the establishment’s reputation in just one dinner service. Following are 30 common faux pas committed by...

    • Thank You For Paying: The Growing Dine and Dash Trend

      September 12, 2013

      Whatever happened to washing dishes if you couldn’t cover your bill? Running from a restaurant before paying (a.k.a. dine and dash) seemed to be a rare thing in the past. But we’ve come across more and more stories that...