Restaurant Consultant

Aaron Allen is a third-generation restaurateur who has advised many of the most successful foodservice and hospitality companies across the globe. His expertise spans everything from the areas of restaurant concept development to design, branding, marketing, and overall growth strategy. Aaron Allen and his team of global restaurant consultants at Aaron Allen & Associates will contribute ideas, tips, examples, best practices, case studies and answers to important questions right here on our blog. What makes the consultants at Aaron Allen & Associates true experts? Collectively, our clients post more than $100 billion in revenue and span 100 countries over all 6 inhabited continents with tens of thousands of restaurant locations. Our restaurant consulting experience is as deep as any firm in the world, having addressed virtually every cuisine, culture, and circumstance a restaurant consultant can. Here’s just one example of our work: Aaron Allen & Associates once created the marketing framework, methodology, training modules, marketing plan, and marketing platforms for a global hospitality company with over 1,000 hotel and resort properties. We’ve also created more than 50 restaurant prototypes, fully developing the concept for each one—from idea to grand opening to expansion. We’ve provided pre-investment analysis of restaurant chains to private equity and investor groups, led executive committee planning sessions and retreats for multi-billion dollar foodservice organizations, counseled restaurant industry investment banks with tens of billions in market capitalization, and more. As the saying goes, imitation is the highest form of flattery. By that standard, Aaron Allen is perhaps the most flattered restaurant consultant on Earth. Accept no imitation and get the latest tips, ideas, trends and resources straight from the original source and global authority: Aaron Allen & Associates. We are constantly adding more resources to guide you in your journey as a restaurateur, so be sure to subscribe to our newsletter and check back often. Let us know what you think—we appreciate your comments, and we love it when you socially share or link back to this page. That sort of feedback motivates us to keep the free restaurant marketing ideas flowing. And if you have specific questions, try the “Ask Aaron” widget. We are the one and only Aaron Allen & Associates, a leading global restaurant consulting firm by any measure.