Restaurant Industry Expert Media Source

Restaurant Industry Expert Media Source

Reporter on a deadline? Need a restaurant industry expert source quickly? Let us know here and we’ll scramble the jets! All urgent media inquiries should be made to: Kristin Wollett media[at]aaronallen[dot]com +1-407-668-5352

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Your source for all things restaurant.

If you’re a reporter seeking intelligent, knowledgeable and trusted sources for restaurant industry pieces, you should look no further than Aaron Allen. He has been the go-to restaurant industry expert for years, providing in-depth analysis, story ideas and current statistics on the latest trends to some of the top news outlets worldwide, including TIME, Fortune, Forbes, The Wall Street Journal, Bloomberg, Entrepreneur and many more equally admired news organizations globally.

Aaron Allen is one of the most experienced and trusted restaurant consultants in the world.  He has a very unique insight on the restaurant industry, the trends that are afoot, and brings a dynamic personality and opinion to help add color and context to any industry-related story you may be working on. This is credited to the fact he’s represented clients who collectively post more than $100 billion annually, span all 6 inhabited continents and 100+ countries with tens of thousands of locations globally.

He is also quite personable, comfortable in front of a camera and experienced in conveying complex information to the general public. We understand the urgency of deadlines, especially in the digital age, so please let us know the fastest way to respond to you by filling in the form below. Give us an idea of the questions you’re looking to answer so Aaron can start noodling them around.

Need some ideas? If you don’t have a specific story or tight deadline but cover the restaurant/retail, marketing or business beat, contact us anyway to bat around some unique story ideas.  There’s so much happening in the global restaurant industry that’s interesting and going unnoticed that it’s almost a crime we don’t bring the best and most relevant subjects to the attention of your editor and audience.

And if we can’t help, we’ll help you find a source that can.  Our job is to make your job easier. We are pleased to be quoted, but that’s not the motivation.  Our motivation is to extend gracious hospitality – – it’s in our blood. If we or a client of ours is not a fit for your story, we will put our team to work for you to find someone that is – it’s the right thing to do and we’d love to earn your top-of-mind awareness.  Think restaurants, think Aaron Allen & Associates.

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