Restaurant Marketing

7 Tips for How to Market a Restaurant with LinkedIn

Social networking does not have to cost you money, but it does cost time. But you shouldn’t waste a lot of it deciding which social networking tools are best to promote your restaurant business. Each tool has a unique personality, and each provides you with access to different benefits.

Restaurant Branding: Brand Story

Humans think, relate and communicate in the form of story.  Hundreds of years before the invention of the printing press epic stories like the Iliad

Restaurant Branding: Brand Positioning

The father of modern day positioning – and my favorite marketing author – is Al Ries.  I certainly wouldn’t attempt to out-do him in explaining

Restaurant Branding: The Brand Promise

What do you promise to customers, employees, the community, partners, vendors, media, and other key stakeholders? Great restaurant branding is about making a promise and

Happy Hour Restaurant Marketing

A well-conceived happy hour marketing plan can drive new trial, frequency, check average, party size, and reinforce important brand attributes. Why should a restaurant create