Franchise Calculator

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If you’re looking to start a franchise – one that operates 10 or more units – it is worth investing in the creation of your own concept and reap the rewards of developing your own operation, processes and procedures. If you already have those developed, franchising is a great way to (quickly and with maximum efficiency) expand your operating footprint. To get a glimpse into the potential costs and anticipated benefits of taking your restaurant business to the next level with a franchise, filling in the pre-set fields in the AA&A Franchise Calculator will jumpstart your analysis. Simply set the number of expected franchised units, franchise fee, royalty percentage, average unit volume (AUV) and marketing contribution (how much of the total marketing budget will be going toward the franchise) figures for each location. You can then adjust the valuation multiplier to see what the total value of the business will be. Using these tools and this analysis, the AA&A Franchise Calculator helps get you started on building a realistic (and profitable) business plan – one designed to attract franchisees and assure them of the mutual partnership benefits. The Aaron Allen & Associates Franchise Calculator is also designed to allow for custom analysis by using the “Customize Calculator” feature to modify the minimum and maximum thresholds and increments for adjusting the sliders.